Dr. Lovejoy’s Decade Of Loserdom MP3 Erotic Audio

Dr. Lovejoy’s Decade Of Loserdom MP3.
I’m so proud to say that a decade is here. It all started with that one day you tasted humiliation for the first time. Next thing you know it’s a week and you’re constantly jerking off to being told what a loser you are! A month goes by and next thing you know its been a full year and few years then 5! The next thing you know its a decade! It’s been a decade of loser humiliation! Congratulations you’re a decade in on your pathetic loser life. You thought by now you would have given this up but you’re more of a loser addict than ever. Embrace that you’ve sent a decade paying for hot woman to tell you that your dick is too small and take all your money! This is the life you’ve been building up too thanks our therapy and I plan on keeping you going strong into loserdom. All the things you’ve done to yourself and all that money you’ve spent. You’re an addicted loser who’s going to be a humiliation masturbation loser for the next decade. Cheers to many more years of being the pathetic fucking loser that you are!


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