Dr. Lovejoy’s Cum Eating Motivation Affirmation Therapy

Cum Eating Motivation Affirmations 14 Min
You want to eat cum and think about it all the time but you just can’t get yourself over the edge to take that big step to actually do it. I’m here to help reprogram your mind with my cum eating motivational affirmations to focus on. Listen to them over and over and repeat each one. The more you listen to the sessions and repeat the affirmations you will find yourself believing more and more each day. Listen and observe as the positive motivating affirmations motivate you to suck cocks and get all that tasty cum deep down your throat where you think about it going every night. You can do it, yes you can do it. You can do it. You cam eat cum when you focus on cum eating then cum eating will happen.

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Cum Eating Affirmation MP3

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