Dr. Lovejoy’s A Decade Of Sissy Addiction MP3

Part 3 in the Decade series.
Sissy boy are you ready for the next decade of being a sissy? It’s time for some next level facts.
Know one knows what you need more than your Dr. Lovejoy

A Decade Of Sissy Addiction MP3
In this session we’re going to celebrate a decade of sissy addiction. You’ve spent the past 10 years being a closeted sissy. I would know that more than anyone because it’s always been our secret. You’ve spent so many years coming to me talking about panties and cock, and the color pink. We’ve spent countless hours talking about all your sissy fantasies before you go home to your other pretend life. Here we are a decade of sissy addiction and its only going to get more intense. Think about how much of a pussy sissy loser you are that’s bought dozens of panties and thrown them away over the decade. Think about all that money you spent on your sissy addiction and how you just got it all, played with it and felt so much shame that you tossed it away. Your sissy addiction is going to get stronger than ever, the more you listen to this session the more you accept and realize how you’re a sissy for life and a sissy forever. I’ve spent years training you, I’ve spent years planting subliminal seeds into your squishy prissy pink loving brain. Embrace this past decade of sissydom, you’re only going to become more of a prancing sissy in the next year and coming decade. You’re going to start saving things, time to embrace your sissy love of girly clothing and keep it all. You have a sissy addiction and its time for you to intensify it. More prancing, more panties and more pink. Dr. Lovejoy makes you a sissy for life and a sissy forever. I’m going to turn your sissy addiction into the next deep phase. Sissy addiction has never felt so good.


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