Dr Lovejoy Trains You To Do Anything For Money

In this Femdom therapy MP3 session I’m going to give you the mindset of a total whore. A person who is willing to do anything for money. You want to please your femdom and you will enjoy being under the control or my erotic voice.
You will do anything for money, you will find yourself loving to be able to be pleasing anyone who will give you money. You will only get sexually turned on when you are getting paid. You will feel so relaxed listening to my suggestions and words. You’re going to discover something new about yourself now, you’re going to discover that you will literally do anything for money, in fact you’re finding that doing things for money, having sex for money is something that you enjoy more than anything else. You’ll find that having sex when when money isn’t involved isn’t as enjoyable, it doesn’t bring you the same thrill, same excitement, therefore you’re going to find yourself doing anything for money.


You'll Do Anything For Money

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