Dr. Lovejoy Increases Your Addiction To Femdoms. Erotic Audio

You love femdoms, you love to submit to femdoms and now you’re going to devote more off your life to femdoms with this new session.

Dr. Lovejoy Increases Your Addiction To Femdoms.
In this session we are going to work on your femdom addiction. In evaluating your files i’ve noticed a significant surge in spending on femdoms since the year before. I’m really impressed, I know you wanted to cut back but, that was never going to happen as I had told you in the past. That was something that I wanted for you, I’ve been working on subliminally encouraging you to spend more on femdoms. You didn’t even know it was happening to you but it did, your femdom addiction is increasing. Your life has improved with your increasing femdom addiction. More clips, more calls, more photos, more talking, more texting, more femdom everything. You’re addicted to femdom’s and just when you think you’re done and get tired of one another one comes along and you do it all over again. You’re constantly captivated and you can’t stay away from all your favorites. There’s no need to try and look back. Let’s keep going and increasing that femdom addiction. You need more, you want more, your life is only fulfilled with femdom in it.


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