Dr. Lovejoy Bimbotizes You. Bimbonosis Audio Therapy

The bimbonosis and therapy you’ve been craving.

Dr. Lovejoy Bimbotizes You.
When you step into my office I notice you’re wearing a lot more pink than usual. That leads me into what I wanted to do to take our therapy sessions to the next level. I want to bimbotize you and bimbotize you hard, you know this is something you’ve always wanted. It’s time we go all the way with those big huge bimbo tits and those pumped up bimbo lips. We’re going to get your hair the most bimbo shade of platinum and your ass blown up. Are you ready to go all the way? Was it the moment I said fake tits that got you excited or when I said big huge over the top fake plastic tits? I’m going to turn you into a plastic fuck hoe bimbo. Let’s begin, Dr. Lovejoy has always known what a bimbo you were meant to be.


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