Does Penis Size Really Matter?

I get asked all the time “Dr Lovejoy, does size really matter?” The answer is almost always going to be yes, yes in fact size does matter. It does matter if your cock is small and it does matter if your cock is large. A less than average cock is of no use to any Woman. What is your size? Do you want to talk about it. Are you under 5 inches and thin and have a serious complex. Do you feel like you are just a sissy boy because your small? Maybe you have a thick 8 inch cock but you fail to be able to keep it hard for a Woman. In that case size does’t matter does it. Regardless of having a well hung cock and not being able to use it is another thing that might make you feel like an inadequate sissy. If you’re feeling unsure of what your cock size means, call me and we will go over it and I will be totally honest. I can’t promise not to mock your cock but I can tell you that I always have the right thing to say.

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