Do You Have A Dirty Secret?

I’m often asked if I can be trusted with a secret. I think we both know of course everything is safe with me. I am a Doctor after all. I know how important it is to get that big secret off your chest. I understand that you’re humiliated about your phone sex addictions. I won’t tell anyone that you’ve spent your kids college funds on virtual Dommes and assorted webcam Mistress’s.
Your dirty secrets coming out are the gateway to happiness, even if it means the harsh humiliating truth. Even if it means your cock getting rock hard listening to the truth of your sad pitiful truth.
This is the place for you. The Special Femdom therapy that will make your life better. Come reach out and don’t worry I won’t let you touch.

Dr. Lovejoy
1-800-TO-FLIRT Ext. 9900-283
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