Cum Loving Enforcement ASMR Fetish Whispers

Cum Loving Enforcement ASMR Whispers MP3
You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)
In this whisper ASMR session, I’m going to reinforce your love for the taste of cum, you’re going to hear trigger words and focus on my voice as my whispers penetrate your mind inforcing the fact that you love cum. You’ll do anything for the taste of cum, cum is your favorite thing to taste. Just relax and let yourself go, focus on my whispered words, let the whispers take you away. All my words will get into your head and you can feel this sudden surge of hunger this need for a taste. You’re not sure what that feeling is but I know what it is. It’s your urge to have cum in your mouth. The trigger words will enforce the feeling that you love the taste hot, sticky cum in your mouth. Hearing those words hot and sticky start to make your mouth salivate. You’re starting to feel the tingle of wanting cum in your mouth. Hot and sticky and so wet and warm. You’re a cum lover who will do anything for the taste of hot, sticky cum in your mouth. Each trigger word will enforce your lust to eat cum. All those cum eating instructions you watch will make you want to eat hot sticky cum more than before. You’re already licking your lips right now thinking about it. The desire will become overwhelming as the trigger words set in.


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