Cuckold Therapy

You keep having these thoughts of your wife or your girlfriend being fucked hard by a Man with a cock thats much bigger then yours. You sometimes even think about her getting taken by a huge black cock that pales in comparison to your thin Caucasian cock. You can’t really explain what it is that gets your cock so hard when you wish your wife would go out to a bar with her friends and pick up a hot guy. You hope that every time she gets home late that she tells you she just got fucked and there’s a hot cream pie in her pussy waiting for you to clean out.
Are you too afraid to let her know how you feel? Do you think she will see you as just a weak sissy? Even though she probably thinks about being with a much more attractive man with a big thick cock she would probably just leave you if you told her. I can help you find a way to live the cuckold lifestyle you desire.

Dr. Lovejoy
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cuckold therapy

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