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6 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Can I buy glossy color 8” x 12” photographs of you wearing clothes? Miniskirt & pumps, or bikini, or hot pants. You won’t be offended if I degenerate into a dirty-minded gooners jerking my loser brains out with you helping me embrace what a Loser I am?

  2. I am a loser. And sexual frustration has just kept me unable to stop masturbation. I’m addicted to jerking off even knowing the more I look forward to the daily stroke session after work the more hooked I get. I’m in my 60s and I never thought Id be divorced, living alone and without a woman. When I stroke my cock it revvs the engine of my lust for women and theres a perverted thrill of seeing myself willfully wallowing in a malaise if sorts, letting my social life slip, allowing my wicked thoughts of lust and loneliness mix and drop my self-esteem a notch. I could live my life now observing what happens to me as I give into a whim – The women I dedicate my time in full-blown masturbation to every day now, maybe they’re watching me and are encouraging me to feeling wicked, to give in to my nasty thoughts and my lust. My dick gets so much harder and I enter a zone of jerking off as my hardcore lust takes over me. I look into this seductive woman’s eyes and I stroke like I’m depraved and I love it. I love the way she looks at me, like she’s posing just for me so that I can spend my days falling in love with her growing oldet, more dirty-minded, and slowly transforming. What’s happening to me? I think lust is destroying me, but I love it. Jerking off to this woman, I just want to die a wicked man.


  3. “Mikie, you want to grow old living alone and die a wicked old man? Wow, I’m sure that takes courage! If that’s what you want Ive hot good tips for you:
    1. When you’re jacking off to a woman remind yourself you’re a dirty-minded degenerate with the emotional maturity of an adolescent.
    2. Tell yourself you don’t give a fuck about relationships
    3. The only way you ever feel like a man is when you’re jerking off.
    4. You don’t love yourself enough to want a girlfriend, to socialize & make friends, you’re cheap & filthy & all you care about is your dick.
    5. Your mind is fucked up because you’re a chronic masturbator and all day long you think about jacking off.
    6. You’re a sick incurable lonely masturbator and this truth is going to seep deep into your brain and guarantee your chronic masturbation addiction is going to be the destiny that causes a former honor roll student to fall and come to a sad lonely end jacking off and wasting your life thinking you’re a “wicked man” but it doesn’t matter what you think, your actions will be the actions of a lost soul drowning in his lust and “coming” to ruin perversely excited about being a filthy old man who actually finds nasty women to fuck.
    7. You don’t give a shit your social life’s becoming a garden of weeds, but Mikie that’s good for you, why the fuck socialize when you want to be a dirty old man who jacks off to porn?
    8. I wanna help you get more lonelier and dirty-minded. I wanna help you feel like you’re wasting your life, I wanna help you waste your life. I want you to become a lonely old fucktard stupid loser who is so obviously brainfucked and I wanna see you jerking your life away reaching your true potential as a jackoff who strands himself on his tiny island of old-age depravity and goes out a poor old love-starved loser jerking to the end in quiet desperation feeding that sick masturbator brain of yours – which is something I love to see you doing Mikie. It’s so you! I love you when you’re proving to me you can stay a fucked up jackoff gooner proud to show me how men like you come to their end.

    Wow. Life is simpler to me if I live just to show women like Dr Lovejoy that I can fulfill my potential as a chronic masturbator. I like dreaming of fucking women but when jerking knowing I don’t know how to get there, and the hopelessness and despair that fills me and looking to when I’m older and I’m an unsocial stupid dirty old man jackoff. I need to find women friends who I can be natural with and tell them jacking off us more important to me then sex. I need women who like me because I jackoff like I do and I don’t ever want to stop jerking my life away even if I’m going to be a lonely old man. I hope Dr Lovejoy likes me for jerking off as I do?


  4. I feel like somehow I’m training myself to like stay a chronic masturbator all my life. I don’t know how it happened. Now I’m a 61 year old man and I need to masturbate everyday and it’s even my therapy. I’m taking Dr Lovejoy’s therapy to try to understand why I’m unable to stop jerking off. My understanding is I should concentrate on how I feel like a loser when I’m jerking off when I’m lonely everyday (I’m lonely every day) to see it’s because I’m socially retarded and don’t know how to talk to women that are causes for why I like jerking off is so important in my life. I think Dr Lovejoy means I’ll learn to get better jerking off as I get older understanding these causes. The more of a stupid loser I feel like the more I want to jerkoff, especially when I feel so lonely, so lonely inside my head, from never being intimate with a woman and being a jerkoff. I feel like my life has totally changed. Like when I see women at work if their really hot I don’t spend an ounce of energy thinking how to talk or socialize with them. I look at them thinking how I’m going to jack off at home after work. Because my life is chronic masturbation, I only fantasize having sex with women, it’s like I’ve given up on it really happening. Masturbation has become my only form of sex and I can see it slowly turning me into a filthy old depraved wasted old fucking fuck. What little life I have now Im letting slip away because my lust for women is compelling me to become that lecherous old filthy reprobate some women live to fuck. To value stroking my old old dick over love, to jack off as a wicked old man to the end, to jerk off to women fantasizing they want to fuck me as a wicked old man…I find irresistible. And to imagine a woman loving my mind, entering my mind and massaging the muscle of my mind is intoxicating. My wires have been crossed. I’ve been reprogrammed inside my head. I’m a depraved man jerking off and I’m going to jerk iff more and more to the end. I can’t waste time thinking about dating women or maintaining a girlfriend. I already know what I want to do – I want to waste my life jacking off as a wicked old man and just coming to the women I’m in love with in dirty magazines day after day after day after day after day after day after day after day.

    If I’m doing good in my therapy then I’m glad. Being unable to talk to women to try to have a girlfriend to hope to have sex is seeming too complicated, too difficult a mountain to climb., its simpler thinking in terms of jerking off. Women I’d jerk off to and women I woujdnt. It already feels better in my mind, in my brain, when I’m jerking off listening to Dr Lovejoys voice telling me things that go deep into my brain so I think she’s always with me. To think that a woman loves helping a fuck up like me want to have purpose wasting my life as a chronic masturbator, that shes helping me see that being less social and more lonely
    is helping me like jerking off more, is meaningful to me. I woujdnt call it relations ship, but it’s something I have between me and a woman.


  5. Wait a sec, I’m confused. I don’t want to be a wicked old man. That’s crazy! They don’t have a life and they don’t respect women. They are vain and petty and 2-dimensional. I want to marry a super hot girl late 20s early 30s and live in a homestead off the grid, grow a food garden, worship my Deities & have a grumpy cat. I want to have Asian women friends & be sociable and entertain. I want to laugh with people. I’m just super hornet so I hope she has the stamina to have sex every day. Once a day is enough – just like we sleep once every 24 hours. This will fill me with purpose. Now I’m thinking straight…

    What a fog I’ve been in. Better to be surrounded by foxy beautiful women who appreciate me and work to improve life and me & my conjugal partner go crazy making love.


  6. I think Im using Dr Lovejoy’s therapy to really improve myself. The woman I’m masturbating to, I feel that her mind and mind connect in a good way. I need to connect to women who like me for being a daily masturbator and want to encourage me to keep going. I love nothing more than impressing foxy young girls in their 20s how I’m a shameless sexagenarian chronic masturbator, and when I imagine in my mind she wants to sit next to me in her bikini and watch me jerking off up close it’s the best experience in the world for me. I wish it was real life imstead of being only in my mind tho. I’ll keep jacking off to this fantasy and maybe it’ll become reason some day. I feel like I’d rather come jerking off sitting next to her in her bikini, shell.let me stroke her thighs, maybe feel her tits…I could come as a jerkoff for the rest of my life and be happy
    So I like how she is familiar with my mind. It makes me everything I think and my.mind is good and she supports my mind, she likes it..I feel like she’s a girlfriend in my head and she’s encouraging me how it’s good for me to.keep jacking off and as I stroking ogling her she’s with me in my head wanting me to come.
    “You love this Mikie!: You’re so good at jerking off!: I want you to keep jerking off every day!:I’m your girlfriend in your head Mikie, will you do it for me?!”
    Me: “Yeah, OK.”
    Her: “And you know what Mikie? I want you to stop worrying about socializing. You don’t have to Mikie because what’s more important to you is to just madturbate!: You really like staying home and jerking off alone with me keeping you company talking to you while you’re jerking off. You’re not going out to meet women or talk to.women and Mikie haven’t you realized – I prefer you spend all your time with just me!: You don’t need to socialize Mikie, you really dont! Now get comfortable jerkingboff to me studying my pussy. You’re going to be with me a long time Mikie and I want you focused on what’s best for you. Don’t think of yourself as a man who dates women and has sex with them. Think of yourself as a lonely man in his 60s who spent so many years jerkingboff everyday he’s forgotten how to socialize with women and the sad reality is he’s going to continue jerking off every day for the rest of his life. And Mikie, you nasty old big boy, youre gonna learn this is the best thing that’s ever gonna happen to you. I know much you really want to forget about socializing so yiu can focus on what you’re an expert at, big boy!!, It’s OK to feel dumb or that you’re stupid when you’re jacking off. A man who wastes his life jacking off is a stupid man, but it’s good to feel stupid as a jackoff – feel stupid, Mikie! I want you to! Good boy Mikie! Make your hand go up and down, up and down, and forget about all the anxiety you felt whenever you were attracted to hot girls like me but you never approached us or talked to us until you felt like such a failure with hot girls like me. Here I am Mikie, I’m with you, you lonely old boy, Im in your mind, Mikie, I’m in your brain where I’m gonna stay. Because I love you Mikie I’m gonna make sure you prefer jerking off at home alone spending all your time with me.
    You don’t have to socialize with me. I know you Mikie and I love you, lonely boy. I want you to feel lonelier every day, stupid! I’m here inside your head so you can feel like you’re just getting older and that you don’t have a life and that giving in to your chronic masturbation addiction is beginning to destroy you from the inside out but I don’t want you to pay attention to all those stupid thoughts. You got a date with me Mikie and come on now show me how you can goon. Grint and drool for me Mikie and goon your brain out for me everyday for the rest of your life. Yeah Mikey, ooo fuck yeah!! Ooo yeah yout lonely gooner…that’s it Aw Mikie goon your brains out of your dick!!”

    I love this girl in my head. She’s helping me jackoff not caring about socializing. I like how she’s liking me more for turning into a better jerkoff.


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