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18 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Can I buy glossy color 8” x 12” photographs of you wearing clothes? Miniskirt & pumps, or bikini, or hot pants. You won’t be offended if I degenerate into a dirty-minded gooners jerking my loser brains out with you helping me embrace what a Loser I am?

    • What if a chronic masturbator offered to dress up as a cheap “Slattern whore” for you? Would you wear a squirting strap-on dildo and fuck him fighie-style and guck my tonsils out? And pump watery mayo/egg whites down my throat till it gushes from my mouth & nostrils? Would you film it?
      61 year old Michael

      Ps – you’d make it so I really feel like a “cheap whore” by paying me – a quarter.

  2. All I need are magazines of hot women to masturbate to to keep me busy to forget about my loneliness and that I’m failure with women. I wanna keep jerking off forget dsting. Forget relatiobship. I’m like 61 and I like Dr Love joys therapy it fucks me up. It makes me like stupid and I don’t need – I need to just jerkoff and study beautiful women’s smooth bodies even if I feel so lonely and fucked up and inside my head I’m a nobody. Nobody love me. Dr Lovejoy says to hate myself. I’m a sick fucked loser and I fucken hate myself an my dumb stupid life. Lovejoy head like a bull in chiba shop messing things up the woman fucken my brains.

  3. When I jack off to hot women like in Asia Babes or SI:Swimsuit Edition I don’t need real women in my world. I don’t need a sex life. What I do everyday is as good as or better then sex. I exercise my brain cuz I heard a minds a terrible thing to waste. So all my sex it’s like in my head. You should see me goon – I just fantasize doing old-fashioned sex – missionary or dog style. I like fantasizing I’m fucking a woman like a dog. From so.much dick is with my hand. I’d rather have a woman in a bikini sit next to me and tell me while I’m jerking off feeling her leg and goon in that she’s impressed at what a dedicated gooner I am. I don’t need my dick in pussy, it needs my hand, but since I’m so starved for a woman’s voice I want to hear a woman talk to me and talking to my brain telling me how I jack off really good like her uncle or her Grand uncle and then I remind her of him and that she wants me to Keep On jacking off for as long as I can until I’m a hundred years old and its meaning for me it’s meaningful for me because I don’t have a woman in my life and I want a woman so bad I want to have sexual intercourse but I’m not going to because I’m only a jack off and I feel like I’m jerking my brains out of my dick but it’s good for me I understand it’s good for me and I love how she’s helps me to have purpose to fuck me up I can picture doctor Lovejoys hand stroking my dick in my brain jerking me off I can see it in my head I can see her hand jerking me off like she’s jerking my dick inside my brain and making me come inside my brain

  4. I feel like enlightened from finally seeing how much better I feel understanding myself as an extremely lonley gooner who is learning how good it feels finally acceping it’s gooning everyday I want to never stop. I feel guilty cuz its almost like a drug it’s so addicting! I like skinny women, especially Asian women with big tits I’ll jerkoff like 3 times a day to them. I found I love gooning out jerking off in hour long sessions at the edge feeling like such a unsocial gooner. It fucks my brains up jacking off fantasizing Mr Tyau or Mr Ohta, filthy old men in their 80s, with ther wicked hands I picture squeezing her tots and.knowing hiw to fuck her. I’m a stupid old-fashioned man I want to learn how to fuck like a wicked old man. I jack off picturing she comes when old Mr Tyau fucks her. I wanna be like Mr Tyau. I want Dr Lovejoy to help me turn wicked. Maybe I start by nit giving a shit about looking ugly and okd-fashioned. I’m a fucken goofball waste. I got nothing to fucken offer women. But fuck man I got Dr Lovejoy helping this old goofball get off fucken his wasted life up. I’m fucken so lonely like just a filthy wasteland in my head. Dr Lovejoy voice makes it all worth it. My brain going implode when I no can make no sense why I like to fuck my life up with her helping hand liking what she seeing how a old goofball get destroyed from inside his head for her.

  5. I love wasting my life for Dr Lovejoy. It the only purpose I have. Increasing my masturbation addiction the lonelier I get, the more fucked in the head I get, the more my Honor Roll brain freaks out inside my head “This wasn’t supposed to ever happen!!” But when a woman like Dr Lovejoy gets in your head, I’ll follow her lead and encouragement. I have a woman who wants to see me seriously fulfill my life literally wasting all my opportunities, squandering once meaningful friendships and goals. Helping my sabotage my life…helping me “reach the end” nothing like all my friends and family thought I get to. Helping me fade out even change my name and try to be the most “nobody” person I can be. I want to live alone and get lonelier and freak out in a marijyana- induced identity crises to look in the mirror and see no more Dr Jekyll but a Mr Hyde gooner. You don’t grow younger. I need to go out like mr. Hyde and when I see I’m like mr. Hyde even though he’s a fucking piece of shit loser nothing nobody I got a fucking be mr. Hyde with his fucking stupid life jerking my fucked-up brains out of my dick. Dr Lovejoy is in my life I want to go out for her a wasted fucked in my brain goofball because I turned out to be a stupid goofball who never found lI’ve again so I’m worthless shit and deserve to get my therapy from Dr Lovejoy.

  6. Dr Lovejoy therapy is te best thing for me. When I jerk now it’s always to the feeling and thinking I won’t never have sex with a woman again. I’m unsocial, I feel like a loser – I AM not a ordinary loser but I’m fucked up inside my head so I like talk funny. I feel better jerking off and gooning knowing I’m a loser whose going to live alone and spend all my time jerking off to magazines. I’ll live into my old age understanding how frustrated I going get, understanding my loneliness. I feel relief I cannot be a guy who has sex with hot women, because my life will become simpler. I can stop socializing and feel good being a retarded fucktard an come feeling like a wicked old man. I need to squeeze tits, fuck pussy – Dr Lovejoy is helping me to jerkoff too much so that I’ll akw as ys be too fucked up to fuck a woman. But the fuck up has one of the best dreans: One day before he dies a dream woman will fuck him. I can jackoff till I die even if the older I get the lonelier and more worthless I going feel and get. To live and die for that dream I hope a woman or 2 things is cool. I never thought jerking off feeling good to be a lonely frustrated fuck-up loser who keep telling himself he no going fuck pussy again would feel so good. Thanks to Dr Lovejoy.


  7. It’s like a freedom, a masturbator being liberated! Some women in Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition are so hot it really feels like my brain is almost sizzlinf. To stop socializing with women as a old man and settle for jerking my brains out instead because it’s easier. Not give a fuck I disqualify myself from dating. I wanna find the girls who like nasty old men! Jerking off for Dr Lovejoy is really fucking up my brain but it changing me to a better version if me. A dumb fuck stupid ass fucktard adolescent-regressed socially awkward dirty old man who going get stupider jacking off. I picture skinny wicked old men going to town fucking the women I jerkoff to and wish I could be like them. I’m envious of them and their ability to score. I just know the more learn to feel so much better and not critical of myself for stopping thinking of myself performing sex with a women but i just jackoff my brains to fantasies of dirty old men boning them, the better I feel about my journey of growing older as a sexegenarian, septagensrisn & octagenarian. I looking forward to live all by myself surrounded by library of magazines. You’re a real good jackoff when you learn to live without women in your life. You just be a girl watcher and talk to the how women every once in a while. But the most important thing is to improve the chronic masturbation to make it better, or worse…or whatever the fuck, or feel good to just jack off as a toothless filthy old man who gets dirtier minded and lone lier the older he gets. It feels so good to jack off feeling and thinking I’m a total beginner when it comes to fucking a woman! I don’t think like a man who fucks women – I can only think like – like I’m s a fucktard jackoff incapable of social relations with women – and I jack off feeling like a kid before like I ever got my dick in a pussy. And this is very educational for me because it’s helping me accept I’m no good for a woman. I’m a 61 year old man and I’m emotionally and socially fucked up so I have to jackoff instead of sex. Dr Lovejoy is helping me learn this is good for me. If I don’t know how to get sex, as least I can jackoff to the day I die. And that at least like going give me purpose right? I mean it’s good to jack of, so it’s fine with me if I live to be a 100 year of jackoff. I could be a real stupid old fucktard though ugly and no teeth living all alone and so lonely and unloved.

  8. Here’s my film Siva the Lord of Dance with Celestial Dancers the Apsaras
    Venus & Mercury in Scorpio r beating me up. I’m into eroticism, spirituality & transcendence. My horny mind needs an outlet and the above posts reflect how well she can fuck your mind. I’m going to ease up, try going cold turkey. Got things to do, life to live.
    Peace Out

  9. Post Script: Apsaras: The Erotic Celestial Dancers Of Indra Loka:

    It’s hard to find an erotic woman like the Apsaras or experience the conjugal relationship as lovers are portrayed in Vedic writing & art. I’m into eroticism, spirituality & transcendence. It’s like a tightrope but if you find the right partner it’s bliss. The Woman Plucking a Thorn from Her Foot is a dream girl foe me she’s so erotic.
    Peace n Luv

  10. Mikie, 61 your old “littl boy”, jacking off every day, unable to stop. Jacking off to women feeling like a little boy, like a virgin in high school jacking off never scoring never having a girlfriend unable to stop jacking off then. Now a 61 year old dirty old man jerking off every day for 21 years, pinching himself, no its real. This rewiring of the brain is for real. This addiction to jerking off is fucking up my brain. And I know it is, and I tell myself I’ve gotta stop this, I’ve gotta change, but that loser thought lasts half a day and I’m jerking like a jerkoff junkie and sll seems right with the universe only when the dopamine kicks in and I’m stroking knowing it’s slowly destroying my social skills but I’m learning to accept it it’s the price to pay of I wanna be a filthy jerkoff. I can’t believe I’m throwing away my last chances to find a girkfriend. I don’t even think about ever having a girlfriend. I already assume an old fuck up like me is just going slowly languish in some cheap apartment and jack off. Or try picking up chicks when I’m a wasted wicked FUCKUp. When I think of possibility of marrying a woman now, it seems totally unlikely. I think like a loser fuck up jacking off like I’m 19, to women who are too sophisticated for a dumbass jerkoff fucked in the brain loser. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m meant to…or it feels better knowing I’m too fucked up to get pussy, and jerking to how lonely and fucked inside my head I am to the eine I’ll never have sex with is, I can feel it, fucking me up deeper inside my brain. I can almost not think straight. I want to just jack off and goon. I think Dr Lovejoy’s erapy is working. She says the right things and even when I feel like my life going nowhere and I jerkoff so I can learn the ABCs, like going back to school, of how come I’m such a big failure with women, and the closest I’ll ever get to having sex with a woman is picturing it inside my brain when I’m gooning and stroking trying to imagine what it like holding her hips spooning her doggy style. That could be as close to picturing sex as little boy.Mikie will get. Jacking off, it’s my life, and if it weren’t for Dr Lovejoy I’d grow old and confused not understsnding my life. But thanks to her I do, and so I feel good making her proud Im learning like a 61 year old “good boy” should jerking off wanting to make my loveliness grow and and be more fucked up in my head. Other then that like what kind of purpose do I have?

  11. I tell myself already there’s no chance of ever having sex with girls like SI: Swimsuit Edition models so don’t even try, don’t even think about it. I’m too old and lonely and too much of a jackoff. I got a plan though. Around when I was in my early 40s I wrnt into a Adult Club, no entrance fee, and they’re not stripper girls but they’re sitting in chairs in a row do when a guy comes up the stairs he picks the woman he likes. Then you pay fee and she just sits and talks which elps a dirty -minded regular jerkoff have social contact and conversation. No sex of course but she said “You can masturbate.” That sent chills down me cuz it seemed real filthy – sitting on a bed behind like mosquito netting for privacy. Now I wanna do that! With hardly no social skills I can once a week and go spend, legally, $140 or so. She’ll talk to me and I get to gave intimate conversations with the women, who will get to know me. I’ll jerk and ask her to rub her cheek against mine! Say things in my ear I ask her to say: “It’s OK to be a lonely jerkoff, Mikie! We live you! I really like yiu Mikue, you’re such a dirty old man! Don’t feel bad about being socially retarded, you don’t need social skills Mikie! Loneliness is good, it fucks you in your brain and I like seeing you jerking off like a fucktard loser this is your life!” And she let you feel her thing as she sits top less next to me and staring at her tots as she caresses my face with her hands make my temples pounding like my heartbeat in my head as I stroke and goon and she wants to look into my face as I’m gooning maybe taking a video of me so she can remember me. Then I come and squirter my unusable seed and my hand going up and down like crazy and she talks in my ear “I love you you old jackoff. Keep coming back eh? We wanna make sure your happy to the very end of your life!!!”
    Fuck, man, that seems like my best plan, I can already start planning now. I’m glad my jackoff brain is good forecdomething right? That’s the most smartest fucken thing I can do – get my gooning and jerking off in stroking wonen’s legs as they tell me I’m such a brilliant jerkoff talkung nice to me as I hunch over and do mu business of jerking off! How they like it the more fucked up in my brain I get and how it makes me such a better jackoff who is so talented for jacking off. I like my plan. I still gotta good brain!

  12. Being able to communucate to Dr Lovejoy is helpful for my therapy. Its good for me to tell a woman that altho I feel like a worthless loser and watch porn I can keep from being addicted and can still talk to women and feel good about myself even while regularly masturbating every day. Rrgulate it, entertainment/pleasure &,living life. Porn hood in moderation. I shouldn’t bear myself up for not having gf. Work on myself. Bright future connected in right way to Eros.

  13. But like in the meantime when I don’t have a girlfriend I’m lucky because I can jack off. I’m a jack off. I’m a jackoff. I live jacking off. I’m a jackoff I love jacking off. I’m a jack off. I’m a jackoff. I live jacking off. I’m a jackoff I love jacking off. I’m a jack off. I’m a jackoff. I live jacking off. I’m a jackoff I love jacking off. I think its smart jacking off. I can think and feel like a man when I jackoff. I don’t need a relationship with a girl when I can jack off to her. I think its smart jacking off. I can think and feel like a man when I jackoff. I don’t need a relationship with a girl when I can jack off to her. I’m glad I’m learning from Dr Lovejoy my identity is a jackoff. When I jackoff I don’t have to think about trying to date women or worry I’m not getting sex. I love jacking off. I tell myself that if if I lonely without a girlfriend I can still jackoff. I don’t need a relationship with a woman if I love just jacking off. It’s good I identify with being a jackoff because until I find a woman who likes me I’ll just keep jacking off. Some women say men get stupid when they jackoff too much. Nah, I think I got smarter. Like if I can’t get sex I can jack off. And if I get older and lonelier I’ll keep jacking off cuz I hope one day I find a woman who going have sex with me. But in the meantime I jackoff. I think Dr Lovejoy is proud thru her teaching I’m turning out to be the jackoff I always wanted to be. I’m not “wasting” my life jacking off! I’m living my life to the fullest!:I learned how fulfilling jacking off can be after being over 60 years old, alone, in no relstionship, no girlfriend, getting no sex. I’m a 61 year old dirty-minded old man hoping to find a dirty-minded young woman who’d like sleeping together and jerking me off telling me I’m such a dirty old man. I think that’s not a bad goal to have.

  14. I learned from women how to jack off I learn how to jack off Island run women how to jack off I learned run women how to jack off I learned from women how to jack off I learned how to jack off I learned wrong from women how to jack off I learned from women how to jack off I learned from women how to jack off because I like a boy trapped in a 61 year old body who never learned how to become a man from jacking off so I jack off. I wish I knew how to be a man but I don’t so I jackoff and it’s my identity I’m a jackoff I love I love Jacking I jack off I jack off I back off I jack off. So I jacked off wish I knew how to be a man so what if it fucks me inside my head jacking off to pussy. I don’t know how to be a man so I jack off I don’t have what it takes to get my dick into pussy so I jack off thinking of an old man dick she lets into her pussy and fucks it good. I jackoff It feels so good it feels so good to jackoff even if I can keep going through life never having a girlfriend I learn from jacking off. Its educational fir me to just keep jacking off studio real women in dirty magazines they’re so hot showing their tires and pussy I learn how to study them jerking off gooning. So what if I stay a lonely old bachelor I’m a fucken idiot I WANNA be single an live alone because jacking off is my identity and I love it being all alone I have women to never stop jacking off to and go to sleep listening to one of my favorite women Dr Lovejoy jerking off to the sound of her voice educating me feels so good it’s like a hot woman making love to my brain inside my head steering me to where I should be whech is my identity is a jackoff and I need to keep learning from women from studying women in dirty magazines that Mikie can turn into a ripe old dirty old man who is still like a kid trapped in an 81 year old body bit from confidence in my identity as a jackoff I might try meeting nasty women and tell them I’m a jackoff and maybe I get lucky and fuck pussy. I like picturing myself jacking off alone for the rest of my life. Lonely. Doing what I need to do – jacking off. I just go to sleep listening to women talk to me like Dr Lovejoy who can understand why Mikie needs to develop into the biggest masturbator he can be. I like more fully understanding when I’m gooning how purposeful it is for me to know I can fulfill my life not knowing how to act like a man but I can try to think like a man studying pussy and learn from women how to love my life as a filthy jackoff to the end. Why would I want a girlfriend or a relationship when I wanna jerk off feeling stupid living alone living in my fucked up stupid loneliness? That might help me find a woman actually. I love to jack off to women so much it’s who I am. Thanks Dr Lovejoy for helping me start wanting to develop my identity as a jackoff.

  15. I feel like a guy who doesn’t know how to have sex. My dick likes my handpussy. I like staring at girls in my SI: Swimsuit Editions not thinking just stroking remembering when I first learned how to jackoff when I was 16 and never had sex. And now I’m 61, which is 16 backwards. I really like being an old man in his 60s but I feel like I’m 16 inside and studying girls feeling like I’m 16 again. Because I never had sex then and I don’t have to worry about never of having sex before, because I never had sex and I learned how to jackoff, so I can jackoff. Jacking off feeling like I don’t know how to have sex feels so good, it makes me just want to keep jacking off like a boy who whenever he Jacks off to a woman’s pussy gets more and more excited as my dick gets harder and harder. It’s when I feel like an old boy when I was 19 and I couldn’t find girlfriends and I was jacking off in college thinking and feeling in my head and my mind: “I don’t know how I’m supposed to get my dick into pussy because I nevery learned to talk to girl for more then 30 seconds at a time”, when I feel like I’m never gonna fuck a womsn and it makes me feel nervous. I start to feel old for a 19 year old and look at her smooth knees and all her skin and when I imagine a real old man sit next to her and feel her knee snd put his hands on her back and she smiles and I can’t see her face as he leans her back and swings her knée open and in a few seconds he still has his pants on but his wrinkled bony ass is thrusting his dick in and out if her pussy, and I can tell from how he’s fucking her she likes it, that’s when I speed up my jacking off and stroke my dick like it’s the only thing I know how to do becsuse I can see exactly the kind of man I want to be but I have no idea how I can become like him so I jerkoff with my heart pounding and the thought trapped inside my head bouncing around like a pinball is “I don’t know how to be a man like him and that makes me want to jackoff!! I don’t know how to be a man like him and that makes me want to jackoff!!” And I’m jackng off feeling like I’m 19 but I’m 61 growing older and I want to stop feeling like I’m a stupid man who doesn’t know how to have sex with a woman so I just stop thinking and then I can give in more to forgetting all about I don’t know how to have sex with a woman and that’s when I feel happiest. While I might not never know how to fuck pussy I can jackoff and try to forget I can’t fuck pussy. I feel good jacling off. These women are so beautiful. They’ll help me keep making my seen squirter out if my dick. Its THE Best THING I could live for. To learn how I can live my whole life jacking off when I’m not able to get pussy and just jackoff as an old old man. I always going have Dr Livejoy mp3s with me by my bedside so I can have sessions with just me and her, jerking off even when I’m feeling broken or like I’m a nobody or it starts feeling like my life is wasted. I can be alone with Dr Lovejoy and jerkoff listening to her inside my head stroking for broke knowing this woman wants to help me feel good jacking off all the way to the end of my life. Dr Lovejoy is my burning light I want to fly into.

  16. Masturbation to women in magazines is like lifelong eduation for me. I like masturbating alone, just me and my pornstars where in my privacy I can concentrate. I decided I don’t want to get married again. I’m 61 now. I don’t want to be in a relationship. A woman I know told me jacking off makes you feel younger. She’s right. I’m beginning to feel like a kid trapped in an old man’s body. That’s just makin me feel like I’m a filthy nasty old man. I’m wondering if I’m demented cuz jacking off to 20 year old chicks gets me off so good. I feel like their age but fuck she could be young as – a guy my age’s granddaughter. Or at least in 10 years she’d be. If I really fuck off relationships man I’m gonna turn into some really nasty old man. Feeling like one already I feel like Dr Lovejoy has given me a renewed purpose in life. Why do I have to stay in touch with people I know? I could – or I can just make my priority traveling to Europe or Asia in a few years after I buy land in Washington state, like 20 acres, and do some thing like pay a dowry and marry an 18 year old girl. Well be 20 and 65 after 25 years of daily jacking off the 2 of us will be naked every night and I’ll quickly learn how to “drive” the car of her body as her love-hole and my filthy cock fall in love with each other real fast. The best sex sometimes for a guy is when you’re old, alone, no love, girlfriend or sex for a long time, and you’re getting lonelier, filthiest and more dirty-minded, and you travel to another country and find a good girl with parents who want to marry her off. And you do the right thing and the family is happy with the dowry and you act completely respectful to your new wife. You eat out and go places and travel and then at nights she slowly but surely learns that you’re dirty-minded, that you’re nasty. But she too is learning how excited she feels the way you stroke her thighs, the way you squeeze her tits hard and how your hands explore her body. Her body takes to yours as you spread her legs and go into her and it’s like you’re on another planet grinding away slowly and making slow, methodical love for an hour until you’re delirious and you finally come. And she Likes It More than you!

  17. This is stupid. I actually hope I find a human of female variety to travel, adventure & pursue spirituality. Sex should be tied to spirituality & therein is eroticism. Base lust isn’t fruitful. 18 is way too young for me. 29-36 sounds right. I should stop posting.


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