You Can Only Cum When You’re Called A Faggot – Faggot Therapy JOI MP3

I know something about you, I know your dirty secrets you love to tell me. I know all the details of your jerk off habits and I also know how much of a faggot you are. Did your cock already get hard hearing that faggot? It did, didn’t it ? You got hard when I called you a faggot. You beat off to being called a faggot don’t you? You call phone sex lines and have hot Woman call you a faggot, even better when a Man calls you a faggot. But there’s really one big truth here faggot, and that’s the fact that the only really hard, in orgasm you can achieve is from being told you’re faggot. Nothing else really does it for you quite like being called a faggot does. It doesn’t matter how much sex you have or the blow job’s you’re getting. You can only get the most intense orgasm from being told what a fucking faggot you really are. Look how hard you are stroking away right now, you’re so excited to hear me call you a faggot as you get that orgasm that you can only achieve while being called a faggot. I give you the faggot cum countdown to really make your faggot therapy extra deep.


Faggots Aren’t Attracted To Woman Erotic ASMR Whispers MP3 cum countdown

Faggots Aren’t Attracted To Woman Erotic ASMR Whispers MP3 cum countdown

You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)
In this whisper ASMR session you’ll notice that something strange is happening to you lately. You begin to notice that all that porn you’ve been watching isn’t getting you off like it used to. It takes forever to cum and when you do its a small orgasm. Theres something going on, you can’t get a proper erection from it you can’t get the orgasm you want from jerking off to looking at beautiful Woman. I know why, its because you’re a faggot and faggots aren’t attracted to Woman. In fact, every time you look at a Woman’s tits you’re going to be thinking about something else, something like a big dick. Because you’re a faggot and Woman don’t give you what you need anymore. Faggots are obsessed with cock, faggots can’t see pretty Woman, they just see pretty dick. You’re a faggot and all of the porn you watch is making you more of a faggot, all those hot girls are making you become more of a faggot. All of that porn leads you back to cock in the end because thats the only way a faggot like you can cum hard. You’re a faggot, Woman turn you into such a faggot, the more a Woman turns you on, the more of a faggot you’re actually becoming. A woman can’t make you cum, Woman can’t make faggots cum, but a big juicy dick can. Faggots like you can’t get off to Woman. My intense and powerful whispers leave you with the faggot cum countdown that you need.


Dr. Lovejoy’s Intense Hypnotic Cum Craving Repetitions MP3

31 erotic cum craving repetition minutes of listening to me full your mind with the most intense urge and craving for cum. Focus on the repetitions as your mind sinks deep. You’re going to crave the taste of cum, you’re going to want to feel the hot sticky cum all over you. My erotic voice is going to guide you as you repeat and feel yourself falling deep down into a cum craving trance as your mouth waters. You’re going to crave cum in your mouth, all you’re going to be thinking about is cum. You’re a cum craver, you can’t stop thinking about a big load being shot into your mouth. You’re a cum craver, you want to feel that sticky hot load between your lips. You want every drop from a hot load of cum dripping from the tip of a big cock. You’re a cum craver and you can’t stop thinking about cum. Focus on the words, focus on the intense cum craving repetitions. Dr. Lovejoy knows what’s best for you.


Dr Lovejoy Makes Your Mind Go Blank Hypnosis MP3

In this 12 minute session I’m going to empty out your mind to make all of my sessions much more deep for you. In fact, anything after listening to this session is going to become more intensified. I’m going to empty out your mind and make it go completely blank. You will become a nice clean slate susceptible to anything that I tell you. Your mind will become so blank that all sessions you listen too will have a more intense effect. Its a beautiful feeling to be completely blank and not have to think at all, it feels so comforting and so good to have your mind completely freed and blank from all thoughts. You’re going to become a clean slate and as any words come into your head you will just accept this things that I have to say. Your mind will be so blank that it will unlock the pathway to the deepest parts of your mind. Your mind becoming blank will leave you so empty that you won’t even be there inside your own mine. I will have blanked out all of your personality and who you are. There will be no reason to think or feel. You’re going to go blank and just allow yourself to follow my voice speaking to you until you are completely blank and empty.

Go Blank Hypnosis

Dr. Lovejoy’s Big Black Cock Obsession Brainwashing MP3

Dr. Lovejoy’s Big Black Cock Obsession Brainwashing 15 minutes
Your curiosity for big black cocks is about to get satiated. I’m going to brainwash you with my raw erotic femdom therapy as I implant triggers into your mind that make you obsessed with black cock. Every time you pass a man with dark skin you’ll find yourself curious as to how hung his cock is. You will find yourself having constant thoughts of being on your hands and knees wanting to serve a large hung black cock. You’re going to be totally obsessed with huge black cocks. You can feel your mouth already starting to water reading this and thinking about what it would be like to feel that big black cock against your pink sissy lips and tasting the load that a 10 inch black cock can feed you. Let the big black cock brainwashing therapy begin.

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Black Cock Brainwashing