Dr Lovejoy Makes Your Mind Go Blank Hypnosis MP3

In this 12 minute session I’m going to empty out your mind to make all of my sessions much more deep for you. In fact, anything after listening to this session is going to become more intensified. I’m going to empty out your mind and make it go completely blank. You will become a nice clean slate susceptible to anything that I tell you. Your mind will become so blank that all sessions you listen too will have a more intense effect. Its a beautiful feeling to be completely blank and not have to think at all, it feels so comforting and so good to have your mind completely freed and blank from all thoughts. You’re going to become a clean slate and as any words come into your head you will just accept this things that I have to say. Your mind will be so blank that it will unlock the pathway to the deepest parts of your mind. Your mind becoming blank will leave you so empty that you won’t even be there inside your own mine. I will have blanked out all of your personality and who you are. There will be no reason to think or feel. You’re going to go blank and just allow yourself to follow my voice speaking to you until you are completely blank and empty.

Go Blank Hypnosis

Dr. Lovejoy’s Big Black Cock Obsession Brainwashing MP3

Dr. Lovejoy’s Big Black Cock Obsession Brainwashing 15 minutes
Your curiosity for big black cocks is about to get satiated. I’m going to brainwash you with my raw erotic femdom therapy as I implant triggers into your mind that make you obsessed with black cock. Every time you pass a man with dark skin you’ll find yourself curious as to how hung his cock is. You will find yourself having constant thoughts of being on your hands and knees wanting to serve a large hung black cock. You’re going to be totally obsessed with huge black cocks. You can feel your mouth already starting to water reading this and thinking about what it would be like to feel that big black cock against your pink sissy lips and tasting the load that a 10 inch black cock can feed you. Let the big black cock brainwashing therapy begin.

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Black Cock Brainwashing

Femdom Hypnosis Mistress Devotion MP3

Welcome to 2015 ! 2014 was quite an amazing year. I’m grateful to work with so many fantastic clients and to know my humiliation therapy has helped so many people change their lives. I would like you to begin your year off with a short devotion hypnosis erotic MP3.
A New Year Resolution Of Devotion Hypnotic MP3
6 minute New Year Resolution Of Devotion Hypnotic MP3 to start your year off the proper way. You will usher in the the new year with more devotion to your Dr. Lovejoy, You will follow my instruction to guide you with the therapy you need. You will devote yourself to working hard for your Dr. Lovejoy in the coming year. You will strive to be a better person with my help.


Hypnosis Resolutions

Femdom Therapy Horny Cock Stroke Addiction Weekend MP3

I’ve got a new Niteflirt Goody for you in the Niteflirt Goodie bags! The weekend is almost here and I’ve come up with a way to make your weekend a much more pleasurable experience.
This is a suggestive erotic audio session designed for weekend therapy ending on a Monday morning. I will plant suggestions into your mind and you will immediately begin to feel them. This weekend therapy session will leave you in a state of horny addiction. You will feel horny the entire weekend and feel the urge to masturbate and orgasm for the entire weekend. Wherever you are you will be turned on, seeing beautiful Woman, short skirts, legs, will give you the intense horny feelings you obsessive over. You will feel horny no matter where you are, you will need to find a place to stroke and cum wherever you are.

Cock Stroke Hypnosis Weekend

Humiliation Therapy

You’ve been craving a modern new approach to therapy. A more honest approach where your therapist tells you the deep truths about yourself. My honest therapy is so intense it makes your cock hard from the deep truths. I thought it was time again to talk about how amazing my Femdom therapy session are. Here are some of the latest comments my clients have left after our therapy sessions or listening to my erotic MP3 sessions. Do I judge, yes of course I judge. I am here to judge you, to tell you the truth and you will learn to feel the truth. Is there a sissy thats waiting to come out of your masculine body and call me with a girly voice to talk about make-up and cock? Don’t feel ashamed, feel the humiliation and embrace it. I look forward to getting deep into your mind.
Dr. Lovejoy Is Amazing