Your Chronic Masturbation Destroys Your Relationships MP3

You’re wondering why your relationships are sinking faster than the titanic. It’s time you get the help that you’ve been searching for. It’s time your Dr. Lovejoy steps in and takes control and guides you in the proper direction.
After all, you know no one knows better than me,

Your Chronic Masturbation Destroys Your Relationships MP3 8:37 chrondestroy.mp3
In this session we’re going to talk about how your chronic masturbation is affecting all your relationships. It seems like we keep going back to this issue, all roads end up leading to your chronic masturbation. You’re beginning to lose all your friends and your family is slowly drifting from you. There’s so much more to discuss but, this is all because of your chronic masturbation problem. I’m going to help you take it even further.


Dr. Lovejoy Knows That Your Cock Knows What It Wants, More Cock. Erotic Audio MP3

No one knows better than your Dr. Lovejoy what you need, I know what you want. I have all the answers and no one knows you in the way I do. You want cock, you want so much cock and your cock is speaking to you, I’m going to help you listen.

Your Cock Knows What It Wants, More Cock.
I’m glad you’re back in my office for another session about your problem, I want to talk about if anything has changed for you since our last session. The last time you came to me you really had what you felt was too much cock on your mind. Is that still the case? Do you still have constant and frequent thoughts of cock? Let’s get to the bottom of this and see whats really going on in that cock lusting mind of yours. Sometimes you have to just accept that your cock wants what it wants. Let’s not fight these feelings and get to the meaning.


Don’t Fight It, You’re A Faggot You Can’t Fight The Faggot Feeling MP3 

New faggot therapy session to wrap your faggot mind around. Time for you to embrace the faggot inside of you for a while now.

Don’t Fight It, You’re A Faggot You Can’t Fight The Faggot Feeling MP3 

It’s nice to have these sessions with you. I noticed in your voicemail to me your having the same issue we’ve been working on for sometime now. I know we’ve been working on it but, it sounds like you’re having a relapse. You can’t fight these faggot urges and I want to encourage you to stop fighting this faggot feeling that’s taking over you. You’re a faggot and you can’t fight feelings like this. You need to stop trying and give in. The more you try and fighting these feelings the more you’re going to realize what a faggot you are and there is no way to fight this. Think about how long we’ve been having these sessions together. It’s time to learn to stop fighting this faggot feeling.


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Don’t Think Just Masturbate All Day Every Day For Dr. Lovejoy. Erotic Audio MP3

There’s this incredible urge taking over your mind, its a sudden reaction to just reading that sentence. There’s an urgency to masturbate, but to do it all day, every day. Take yourself to the edge and back again, and again and again. Let’s begin this therapy now.

Don’t Think Just Masturbate All Day Every Day ( dontthinkmast.mp3)
This is an efficient therapy session to help achieve a constant urge to masturbate. I’m going to instruct you to focus on one thing and one thing only, masturbation. Don’t bother trying to think, don’t try to analyze your feelings, don’t try to pretend that you’re not really turned on and hard as a rock right now. You’re going to empty your mind and not think and just masturbate all day, every day. You want to masturbate all day long so do it, don’t think about it just do it. You’re going to masturbate and keep stroking and you won’t think about it, the only thing you’ll be thinking is about masturbating. Take yourself over the edge and stroke all day long. Keep masturbating and don’t think, just jerk off, just do it and give in to your porn lusting temptations. Do as I tell you, don’t think, just masturbate and keep stroking. Cancel all your plans, you have plans to not think, you have plans to not think and masturbate all day. Don’t think, masturbate more.

Dr. Lovejoy Knows The Real You, Cock Sucker. Erotic Audio MP3

No one will understand or know you the way that I know you. That secret side of you that’s often hard to admit out-loud. I love when you come in for sessions, I love to have you in the office to discover the truth about yourself.
Lets talk about the real you.

Dr. Lovejoy Knows The Real You, Cock Sucker
You’re back in my office, It’s been so long that you’ve been coming to me. You keep having these same reoccurring thoughts. Have you thought it was strange that all you ever come to talk to me about is cock and cuckolding? You talk about cream pies and cocks in your mouth? You keep struggling but, there is really only one answer that I feel like I keep going back too. That answer is just accepting who you really are, what you really are. You’re struggling because you’re having a hard time saying it. I’m going to say it for you, the real you is a cock sucker, the real you wants a big juicy dick in your mouth. The real you craves cock, the real you will do anything for a taste of cock. The real you is a cock lover and I’ve always known this is who you are. It’s not a fantasy you may not have acted on it yet but I know the real you. Let’s begin our session now and go nice and deep into self cock loving discovery.