Dr. Lovejoy Bimbotizes You. Bimbonosis Audio Therapy

The bimbonosis and therapy you’ve been craving.

Dr. Lovejoy Bimbotizes You.
When you step into my office I notice you’re wearing a lot more pink than usual. That leads me into what I wanted to do to take our therapy sessions to the next level. I want to bimbotize you and bimbotize you hard, you know this is something you’ve always wanted. It’s time we go all the way with those big huge bimbo tits and those pumped up bimbo lips. We’re going to get your hair the most bimbo shade of platinum and your ass blown up. Are you ready to go all the way? Was it the moment I said fake tits that got you excited or when I said big huge over the top fake plastic tits? I’m going to turn you into a plastic fuck hoe bimbo. Let’s begin, Dr. Lovejoy has always known what a bimbo you were meant to be.


You’re Obsessed With Dr. Lovejoy’s Humiliation

No one can tear you down, build you up and knock you down again like me. You’re so obsessed and you will be for life.

You’re Obsessed With Dr. Lovejoy’s Humiliation
I’m so happy to have you back with my sessions, I noticed you’ve been spending a lot more time with my MP3’s. You’ve been buying so many lately and I noticed in particular it’s been my humiliation MP3s. I see the humiliation therapy is really working isn’t it. You’re so addicted and obsessed wit the way that I humiliate you. You’re obsessed with my voice and the way I talk down to you. The cadence of my words cuts so deep into your mind. You’re obsessed with how I tell you how much of a loser I think you are. You’re so obsessed with my humiliation and sensual abuse. With each MP3 you listen too you get more and more obsessed. You’ll keep calling me because no one tells you what a fucking loser you are the way that I can. You know your Dr. Lovejoy knows best that that’s why you’re obsessed with my humiliation.

Dr. Lovejoy’s You Love My Stinky Fitness Femdom Feet MP3

You’re always asking about my workouts, my shoes and socks and I know why. I know all about your jerk off stinky foot lust.  Now’s your chance to get your face in my feet after a workout.

You Love My Stinky Fitness Femdom Feet
It’s always nice to have you in my office for a session. I just got back from a really long hike and my feet are aching and my socks smell. Sorry about that oder, coming from my feet.
Actually, sorry, i’m not sorry I work out really hard to stay this in shape. So that’s what smells and I don’t care, in fact you’re going to do this entire session now with my stinky shoes and smelly socks over your nose. You’re acting like you don’t like it but your pathetic dick is rock hard. Look at how excited you’re getting over my stinky shoes and socks! What a stinky foot fetish loser! You love stinky feet and now I know why you always ask about my fitness routine and if I wear out my shoes and socks. You wanted them this whole time you stinky foot loving loser! Now take some really deep inhales and worship and whiff my hot sweaty feet.



Stroke Yourself Stupid For Dr. Lovejoy w/ cum countdown

The new seductive therapy you’ve needed all week. You’re going to stroke yourself into the next dimension of stupid for me.

Stroke Yourself Stupid For Dr. Lovejoy w/ cum countdown

You’re going to stroke yourself straight into stupid and you’re going to admit that you’re and addicted masturbator. You’ve been coming to me for a long time now, and look at how you still can’t control yourself. You’re already stroking that stupid cock of yours before you got to our session didn’t you? I thought so, now you’re going to just stroke yourself stupid under my direction. Stroke yourself so stupid until you admit and confess the most stupid things that you’ve done. Stroke yourself stupid until you get to the cum countdown at the end. You probably won’t even get that far because you’re such a stupid stroker.


Poppers Make You A Faggot For Dr. Lovejoy

The weekend is here, you’ve earned the time to let go and inhale some fresh faggot air. Grab your poppers, we’ve got a special session to do.

Poppers Make You A Faggot For Dr. Lovejoy – 10 min popperfaggot.mp3
In this session we’re going to have some poppers playtime. A loser like you needs to get high, a loser like you can’t even get hard enough until you’ve had huge inhales of your poppers. I want you to have them available and ready to go in this session. While I guide you through you’re going to notice something. The more you do your poppers you start to let the inner faggot in you out. You are a faggot and the poppers are making you into more one! How far will we go in this popper session? Grab your bottle and lets begin, Dr. Lovejoy knows best.