Dr. Lovejoy’s Blow Job Sensation Hypnosis Trigger Therapy

Dr. Lovejoy’s Blow Job Sensation Trigger

In this 10 minute session I’m going to give you a special phrase and when you hear this phrase you’re immediately going to feel lips wrapped around your cock. It doesn’t matter who’s lips they are, they will belong to the person that you’re the most turned on by. It might me a Woman or perhaps its a Man but, you will feel lips wrapped on your cock. There will be only one way to stop this sensation and thats by having an orgasm, hearing someone say a trigger phrase, or you may even trigger yourself to to stop it with your very own trigger. This sensation can last a few moments or it can last all day but it won’t stop until you’ve gone over the edge and had an orgasm. You’re going to feel the most incredible sensation of a blow job in your life. Whatever your best experience was with a blow-job this will be just as intense if not more. You remember how good it was, how perfectly the person sucked and licked getting your cock so aroused that you wanted that feeling to last all day. All that sucking and stroking taking you to the edge with their intense cock sucking skills makes you want to cum.


Blow Job Time

Financial Domination Hypnosis With Dr. Lovejoy

Quick financial domination for the weekend. All I need is 10 minutes of your mind. I think it’s fairly obvious with how often I have you come to see me that I’m taking advantage of you to take your money. You never seem to mind that your sessions keep getting more and more expensive. I want all your money, I want to take it all and you want to give it to me. This past year of seeing me i’ve subliminally reprogrammed you and you had no idea. I reprogrammed you to get turned on every time I tell you to come back for another session. You don’t even realize you’re coming to me and we are having the same conversation over over. I just keep getting more money from you and the more I take from you the more I want to take more.

financial domination hypnosis

Dr. Lovejoy’s Blow Yourself Mind Trigger

In this session my sensual erotic powerful voice is going to take you somewhere deep. Deep in your mouth. You’re going to find yourself triggered by a couple words which will make your cock immediately stand at attention. You will feel a sudden fullness in your mouth because when triggered you’re also going to feel your very own cock in your mouth. You’re cock will stay in your mouth once someone has said the trigger to stop that feeling. Just remember, whatever you’re doing in your mouth you’re going to feel between your legs as well. Even if you suck to the point of orgasm you will still have the feeling of the cock in your mouth until the trigger has been removed. Imagine how good its going to feel, imagine how no one else knows better than you how to make your very own cock feel so good. You know what it feels like when someone else has their lips on your cock and now you’re going to be in control of those feelings. Just remember every single time you hear the trigger your mouth is going to have your very own cock in it. You’re going to feel every single motion, every bit of hot breath, every bit of stimuli will be connected to your cock. You’re going to be addicted to this feeling and you’ll keep coming back to this session over and over again.

Blow Yourself

ASMR Whisper Fetish Weekend Therapy

Weekend ASMR Whisper Masturbation Addiction 10min
I’m going to control your cock through ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Your cock will be controlled by deep mental and physical stimulation. In this session you’re going to find your masturbation addiction will increase by listening to my erotic whispers. You’ll spend the entire weekend stroking and falling under the luscious spell of my erotic whispering voice in your ears taking over your whole body.
Included – Sensual – Femdom – ASMR – Whispers – Masturbation Instruction

ASMR whispers

Dr. Lovejoy Deepens Your Niteflirt Phone Sex Addiction

I’m going to bring your Niteflirt addiction to a higher level in this session. You’re going to feel an intense increase in your desire to spend money on Niteflirt. You’re going to start spending much more money on MP3s, photos, and clips. It’s not even going to matter what the content is you’re going to spend. The more you spend money on Niteflirt the harder your cock will get and the more powerful your orgasms will become. You’ve tried to quit in the past but, this time after you listen to this if you attempt to quit Niteflirt by closing and account and opening a new one it will become much worse. Thats right, if you open a new account for each new account you open you will spend twice as much as the time before and it will keep increasing with each attempt. You might as well surrender and give in to the fact that you’re just a total Niteflirt addict and it feels good to become more addicted and it feels so good to stroke and pay, stroke and pay and stroke and pay more and more. The only way to achieve the more maximum intense orgasm is spending more on Niteflirt. Listen closely, listen with intention and follow my words allowing the addiction to take you even deeper.

Niteflirt Addiction Hypnosis