Do Her A Favor, Leave Her You’re A Sissy. 

It’s time to make a change for the better. Quarantine life has you missing your sissy space and its time to do something important in your life.

Do Her A Favor, Leave Her You’re A Sissy.
You’ve been seeing me for a while now and not a lot has changed with your disaster of a marriage. It really is a disaster it’s been so long now and I know how sick of it you are, can you imagine how she feels. Even I’m sick of hearing about your marriage at this point. It’s time to do something and take action. All we talk about is how she will never understand you, how she will never understand what a sissy faggot loser you are. She doesn’t know the you I know, the real you. So, it’s time that you do something nice for her. It’s time for you to leave her sissy, just leave her already and start over. It’s time for you to live the full sissy life that you want while you’re dressing up, wearing panties and sucking cock. She doesn’t want you anyway, she doesn’t want a sissy, she wants a real man. Do her a favor, leave her for your Dr. Lovejoy. She’s going to end up thanking me anyway. Let’s get this started.



Dr. Lovejoy Turns You A Faggot To The Core MP3 Erotic Audio

No one knows how to make you more of a faggot than I do. Let’s take this one so deep that you feel in in the core of your very own being. I’m going to turn you faggot to the core.

Dr. Lovejoy Turns You A Faggot To The Core MP3
You’re a faggot to the core, the way you spend your day’s undressing men with your eye each time you pass an attractive man. You know that makes you a faggot to the core deep inside and within you. I know the real you, the real you deep inside thats really just a faggot to the core. Listen deeply and with intention as I mesmerize you and take you deeper into becoming the faggot that you are, the faggot deep down to the core. You’re a faggot to the core, you’re never going to be a regular heterosexual man who can be satisfied at just having a woman’s pussy. You’re a faggot to the core and you need more, you need a cock to please to get you hard. Listen again and again as I turn you into more of a deeper intense faggot to the core. Deep inside of you you’re always going to be a faggot to the core. The more you listen to my faggot therapy session’s the more you’ll accept your faggot fate and your deep faggot truth. Listening to me tell you what a faggot to the core you are with my powerful voice has your faggot cock rock hard. You once thought a relationship or a marriage would take away your faggot feelings but, it only made them worse. You’re a faggot to the core and this therapy session will intensify you and mesmerize you even deeper as you grip the reality of your deep faggot core.


Dr. Lovejoy’s Let Go Of Your Self-Consciousness Positive Affirmations Erotic Audio MP3

Start your week out with the positive boost that you need. Let’s work on some more positive affirmation therapy. It makes the humiliation therapy that much more intense. In this session we’re going to work on your self consciousness and bringing more positivity into your life.

Let Go Of Your Self-Consciousness Positive Affirmations MP3
I’m going to help you release yourself from self-consciousness through positive affirmations. It’s time to let your insecurities go and surrender to your true self. If you want to be a happy person in life you’re going to need to let go of insecurities, it’s the only way to a true life. I’m going to help you work on that with these affirmations. It’s not going to be an easy task it will take a lot of practice and a lot of self discipline. I know that you want this and I can help you with that slow self esteem that’s in your way. Whenever you’re feeling blocked or mentally stressed listen to these positive affirmations for an easy relaxing time with your mind. It’s time to retrain your min to let go of your self consciousness.

Dr. Lovejoy Knows You’ve Always Wanted A Sissy Mangina

You’ve Always Wanted A Sissy Mangina MP3
Have you always wanted a mangina? You’re probably wondering what is a mangina? Well, a mangina is that little tiny thing you’ve got between your legs and that pussy hole behind it. You know that special tight hole that you constantly think about getting filled and fucked. That’s what a mangina is and you’ve got one don’t you? You’ve got a small cock or perhaps you’re just a pussy boy who wants that tight mangina filled up. The first step to getting that mangina looking pretty is to make it nice and smooth and pretty. I’m going to want to see that mangina well groomed. You can do this yourself or be daring and have your mangina professionally mangina scaped. Once you’ve got your mangina nice and pretty you’re going to always wear panties. A sissy pussy boy with a mangina should always have on panties and just think about how nice they will feel against your perfectly groomed mangina. Are you getting turned on, is your mangina getting all excited thinking about showing off, being exposed and people seeing that mangina. You’re going to get that pretty mangina of yours fucked nice and hard, isn’t that the point of having a tight groomed mangina so you can get nice and filled up. Listen deeply as I train you to accept that mangina of yours. You’ve always thought about having a sissy mangina and wonder what it feels like to be a girl. You always wanted to feel what it was like to have a hot wet pussy and now you can. Listen and focus as you masturbate your mangina and cum so hard as you learn all about your new mangina. This is an intense session that bring you deep into a sissy masturbation zone.

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You’re A Cock Lover, Stop Pretending You’re Straight MP3 Erotic Audio

In this faggot therapy session we’re going to work on your sexuality, it’s time to stop pretending that you’re straight because you’re a faggot. I know you’re sick and tired of living this fake pathetic facade that you’re living and I’m going to help get you there, faggot. I’m going to help you stop going on porn sites looking at woman as if that’s what’s going to turn you on. There’s only one thing that faggot’s get turned on the most by and thats cock, faggot. It’s time to stop pretending you’re something that you’re not. Just listening to my therapy through my erotic voice will give you the courage you need. You want to be the best faggot you can be because you’re a faggot. In the end all roads will lead back to you being a faggot so we’re going to bring the real faggot out of you. It’s time to get the world know that you don’t like pussy, you’re a faggot. It’s time to expose the faggot in you and stop living the lie. You love cock, you love hairy balls, you love being called a faggot. Lets begin the therapy to becoming the true faggot that you really are.