Dr. Lovejoy Make You Become Dumb And Mindless

Dr. Lovejoy Makes You Become Dumb
In my new erotic audio session I’m going to ease your mind and help you empty it making you become a clear headed idiot. They say that ignorance is bliss which is exactly why i’m going to take your smarts away and make you become the dumb dumb that you are.
It gives you a headache being smart, you get dizzy when you have to think too much. Life is so much easier when your mind can go blank and you become dumb. It’s nice to be dumb, I’m going to make you become empty headed and dumb. It feels really sexy to be dumb, your body feels at ease when you’re dumb. You’re going to become so dumb that you’ll only be able to speak with small words because big words are just too hard to pronounce and they give you a headache. You’ll find yourself needing to count numbers on your fingers and forgetting how to do the most basic math. It’s a turn on to be dumb to feel your head so light and empty and the more you listen to this file the more dumb you’ll become with each listen.

Make You Dumb

Humiliation Therapy Hypnotic Jerk Off Weekend Therapy 5 MP3 + Photos

The word “weekend” is about to take on a whole new meaning. You’ve been waiting for a new weekend humiliation session and now you have it. You’ve been waiting all week to get to the weekend. You”re ready to let the tension go and let the hypnotizing weekend masturbation begin. You need to orgasm to my voice, you need to cum so bad as I call you a palm pounding loser, so hard. You are addicted to my words and beauty. You’ve been waiting for my hypnotic voice and my incredible body to bring you to a place where you’re so submissive, hard, weak and in my control needing your orgasm therapy. You need your Dr. Lovejoy’s hypnotizing weekend masturbation instruction. It’s only a matter of time until you can only cum to my voice. The word weekend takes on a whole new meaning. Click for your weekend session.

Weekend jerk Off 5

Dr. Lovejoy Makes Your Balls Grow And Cock Shrink

Feel my control, a force that controls you and binds you to my choice and my will. That’s right. And now, now I’m going to make a change in you, a irreversible change in your body. I’m going to flip a switch in your mind. And the moment I do it, the moment you wake up, you’re going to find that your balls are going to begin growing! They will get larger and they will get heavier. They will begin producing enormous amounts of testosterone. That’s right, they’re going to start growing again and they are going to produce just a flood of testosterone. And this growth is going to continue until your balls are just massive, heavy, and low-hanging. Unfortunately, while I’ve been altering your balls, I’m also going to make your cock shrivel and shrink until it is tiny, until it is teeny and clit sized until you are embarrassed by it. I know you are proud of your cock and you love it so much and there is only one way to fix this. Feel my control and listen deeply


You’re Worthless – Humiliation Hypnosis Therapy

The hypnotic humiliation you crave to hear, the humiliation you crave to be confirmed to you by your all knowing Dr. Lovejoy. My raw erotic voice delivers to you all the humiliation you crave with this Humiliation therapy session.You are not worthy of your Goddess whether you are serving me or someone else you are not worthy. You are an absolute nothing and you know it you’re worthless inside and out. You’re hardly worthy of being used, you are purely just trash. Being used and berated is the greatest pleasure you will ever receive. You know your place and ache to be taken there. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and and get ready to swallow what little pride you have as the therapy session begins.

Worthless Humiliation

Erotic ASMR Weekend Cock Control JOI MP3

In this weekend whisper session I’m going to control your cock through ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Your cock will be controlled by deep mental and physical stimulation. The most erotic sensations will flow directly from my lips into your brain and control your cock. Feel my euphoric powers as I control your cock and cum. Feel my control over your cock. + Erotic Photo

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