Dr. Lovejoys Erotic Whisper AMSR Euphoric JOI

This is your Dr. Lovejoy’s first ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) MP3. Put on your headphones and get lost in my whisper. You will become lost in the erotic sounds emanating from my lips leaving your mind tingling and your body quivering. You will feel my voice take total control of your cock. You will feel new sensations bringing you to a new level of erotic awareness. You will be controlled and hypnotized by my whisper triggering he most amazing sensations as I direct you to stroke and cum for me. Feel my euphoria take over you through my whisper.


Euphoric AMSR Whisper

Jerk Off Humiliation MP3 Weekend Therapy Part 3

This weeks jerk off humiliation therapy instruction is filled with humiliation, my erotic voice delving the therapy you need this weekend. I remind you that the only sex you’re going to have this weekend is with your hands, your palm is your pussy and i’m going to direct you, humiliate you and make you cum for me. You will cum on my command or you will not cum at all. You will spend your entire weekend stroking off to my instruction.
My femdom therapy will leave your balls empty and your mind at ease as I take total control of your cock this weekend.


Guided Masturbation Instruction MP3

In need of some Femdom therapy Weekends are stressful and I can’t always be around for you on Niteflirt or Sinfulcall. To help medicate your mind and, in popular response to my first weekend jerk off therapy session I have made another quick masturbation instructional called “Cum for Dr. Lovejoy”. A 5 minute hot Jerk off therapy session. You love the way I guide you to jerk that cock off and cum for your Dr. Lovejoy. All it takes is 5 hot minutes for me to tease and seduce your cock before I have you orgasming on my command. Are you ready to listen to my erotic seductive voice guide you to an orgasm that not even your wife or girlfriend can give you? Click, pay and do as I say. Dr. Lovejoy always know whats best for you.

$5.99 for a limited time

weekend jerk off 2