Dr Lovejoy Is The Faggot Whisperer Erotic ASMR Whisper MP3

You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)

In this whisper ASMR session, you’ll take your faggot addiction deeper as I use my faggot whisperer therapy. I am the faggot whisperer and thats why you’re here, you were brought to me, you are a faggot lured to my faggot mind therapy. You have to listen to all my faggot MP3’s because I am the faggot whisperer and you can’t get enough of me. You know I see right through you, faggot. You can fool your friends and family faggot but you can’t fool the faggot whisperer. I use my whispers to lure you into a deeper state of being a faggot, taking you closer and closer to the edge of faggotry. You are a faggot, my intense whispers make your mind and body tingle all over. Anytime you hear me call you a faggot you will understand and know exactly why you’ve been brought to me. I am the faggot whisperer and you are the biggest faggot who will always be drawn to my erotic whispers. I’m going to make you more and more of a lusting faggot. You’re a faggot junkie and I’m the faggot whisperer. You know your Dr. Lovejoy knows exactly what you need, no one understands you like I do.


Dr. Lovejoy Deepens Your Self Loathing For 2017

Dr. Lovejoy Deepens Your Self Loathing For 2017

21 Minutes
In this intense humiliation session I’m going to increase your self loathing for 2016. You’re going to hate yourself even more. Get yourself nice and comfortable and listen to my words as they sink into your head and deepen your self loath. Relax and listen to my words, you already hate yourself but you’re going to hate yourself even more. I’m going to increase your loathing for the next 365 days of this year. You already can’t stand looking at yourself, you can’t even stand to hear yourself talk. You hate yourself. You can barely tolerate being the same room as yourself. You’re dull and everyone thinks your dull. Your self hatred is going to grow deeper and deeper, you’re a loser. You’re not worthy, you’re not good enough, you’re pathetic and you hate yourself. Your filled with deep self loathing and its only getting more intense. You’re starting to make yourself sick having to look at yourself. You masturbate all the time because no one wants to fuck you, you wouldn’t even fuck yourself. You hate yourself, you’re a loser and just hearing my words and focusing on my words brings the self loathing to a deeper level in 2017. 2017 is the year of deep self loathing.

Dr. Lovejoy Makes Your Balls Grow And Cock Shrink

Feel my control, a force that controls you and binds you to my choice and my will. That’s right. And now, now I’m going to make a change in you, a irreversible change in your body. I’m going to flip a switch in your mind. And the moment I do it, the moment you wake up, you’re going to find that your balls are going to begin growing! They will get larger and they will get heavier. They will begin producing enormous amounts of testosterone. That’s right, they’re going to start growing again and they are going to produce just a flood of testosterone. And this growth is going to continue until your balls are just massive, heavy, and low-hanging. Unfortunately, while I’ve been altering your balls, I’m also going to make your cock shrivel and shrink until it is tiny, until it is teeny and clit sized until you are embarrassed by it. I know you are proud of your cock and you love it so much and there is only one way to fix this. Feel my control and listen deeply


Dr. Lovejoy Erotic ASMR Forced Cum Eating Whispers MP3

Dr. Lovejoy ASMR Forced Cum Eating Whispers MP3 10:13 Session
You’ve thought about eating your own cum many times but were always to afraid to try it. You get incredibly turned on thinking of taking your load into your mouth after your masturbated but you’re too scared to do it. You’re going to crave and hunger for the taste of your cum. I’m going to reprogram your mind through ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) to eat your own cum. My erotic whispers will bring tingles into your brain as you get so hard and find your mouth watering to eat your own cum. You know your Dr. Lovejoy always has the right things to say


Erotic ASMR Cum Eating

Dr. Lovejoy’s Cum Tasting Trigger Erotic Audio

Dr. Lovejoy’s Cum Tasting Trigger Erotic Audio
A new deep Femdom therapy erotic audio session. A cum eating instruction that will have you wanting and tasting cum in your mouth. Cum eating isn’t scary when everything you crave tastes like cum. You will listen closely with intent to my voice and my hypnotic words. You will pay close attention to each word I say and listen as the hypnosis trigger becomes embedded into your mind. You love cum, you love the taste of cum, you love the taste of orgasm and the way it feels in your mouth. You’re going to find yourself triggered to taste cum when you drink water. You will enjoy this change and you will listen to this MP3 over and over to deepen the trigger. You will find yourself craving wet hot sticky cum. Your desire for cum will be overwhelming. This humiliation therapy session has you already excited to taste cum, I always have the right thing to say.


Cum Tasting Trigger