You’re Addicted To My Faggot Therapy. Erotic Audio MP3

You’ve found that you have a new addiction, you’ve become completely addicted to my faggot MP3 sessions. My faggot therapy is turning you into the biggest faggot. You’ can’t stop listening to all of my faggot therapy. The moment I put out new faggot therapy you have to have it. My faggot therapy is conditioning you, its making you into more of a faggot. The more you listen to my faggot therapy the more we make the discovery together that you’re a full fledged faggot. My intense voice makes the faggot therapy so addicting and intense. The way my erotic voice makes you feel each time you hear the word faggot roll off my luscious lips. My faggot therapy is the only thing that helps you, my faggot therapy keeps you addicted. You’re so addicted to me. You hang on every one of my faggot words and you’re draw to every single word I say. No one knows what an addicted faggot like needs more than your Dr. Lovejoy.


Deepen Self Loathing Therapy 2018 VIDEO/ MP3

Lets take this a notch deeper, this time without the whispers, just a deep mind introspection and deep loathing session.

This is an audio/video experience or you can listen alone with no visual component. In this intense humiliation session I’m going to increase your self loathing for 2018. You’re going to hate yourself even more. Get yourself nice and comfortable and listen to my words as they sink into your head and deepen your self loath.  Relax and listen to my words, you already hate yourself but you’re going to hate yourself even more. I’m going to increase your loathing for the next 365 days of this year. You already can’t stand looking at yourself, you can’t even stand to hear yourself talk. You hate yourself.  You can barely tolerate being the same room as yourself. You’re dull and everyone thinks your dull. Your self hatred is going to grow deeper and deeper, you’re a loser. You’re not worthy, you’re not good enough, you’re pathetic and you hate yourself. Your filled with deep self loathing and its only getting more intense. You’re starting to make yourself sick having to look at yourself. You masturbate all the time because no one wants to fuck you, you wouldn’t even fuck yourself. You hate yourself, you’re a loser and just hearing my words and focusing on my words brings the self loathing to a deeper level in 2018. 2018 is the year of deep self loathing.


Cum Loving Enforcement ASMR Fetish Whispers

Cum Loving Enforcement ASMR Whispers MP3
You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)
In this whisper ASMR session, I’m going to reinforce your love for the taste of cum, you’re going to hear trigger words and focus on my voice as my whispers penetrate your mind inforcing the fact that you love cum. You’ll do anything for the taste of cum, cum is your favorite thing to taste. Just relax and let yourself go, focus on my whispered words, let the whispers take you away. All my words will get into your head and you can feel this sudden surge of hunger this need for a taste. You’re not sure what that feeling is but I know what it is. It’s your urge to have cum in your mouth. The trigger words will enforce the feeling that you love the taste hot, sticky cum in your mouth. Hearing those words hot and sticky start to make your mouth salivate. You’re starting to feel the tingle of wanting cum in your mouth. Hot and sticky and so wet and warm. You’re a cum lover who will do anything for the taste of hot, sticky cum in your mouth. Each trigger word will enforce your lust to eat cum. All those cum eating instructions you watch will make you want to eat hot sticky cum more than before. You’re already licking your lips right now thinking about it. The desire will become overwhelming as the trigger words set in.


Look Deep Into The Faggot Hypnosis Wheel, Faggot Hypnosis Audio & Video

Are you ready for some deep and intense faggot therapy video mind fuck?

Look Deep Into The Faggot Hypnosis Wheel, Faggot Hypnosis – 10 min
In this session you’re going to state deep into the faggot wheel of hypnosis. The deeper you look into the faggot wheel the deeper the hypnosis will be making you a faggot for life. You already know how much of a faggot you are but, staring deep into the faggot spiral is going to increase the faggot within you. You want to increase the faggot within you because, you are a faggot. You’re going to relax and stare deep into the wheel while my erotic voice guides you into a deep faggot state. Focus on the faggot wheel and feel the faggot spiral begin to take you down, down, down the faggot vortex. Do you think you can do this and relax enough to go deep into faggot submission. Don’t take your eyes off the faggot spiral, we don’t want to interrupt the deep faggot penetration going into your faggot head. The goal is to deeply melt your mind as you become more of a faggot. The votes of faggotry is going to go deep into your mind because you’re a faggot. The more you watch and listen to this session it will increase your deep fagability. I know how much you think about cock, I know your love for that dick and we are going to take it further, faggot. Let’s begin.

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Dr. Lovejoy’s Erotic Handsfree Orgasm Training MP3

I’ve got a special training for you, I’m going to put you to the test to get you to a handsfree orgasm. It’s so hot and electric with my voice coursing through you. Are you ready for training? Lets begin.

Dr. Lovejoy’s Handsfree Orgasm Training MP3 handfreetrain.mp3 10 min
Are you ready to try something exciting and challenging all at the same time? Do you think you can have a hands free orgasm just from listening to my voice? Do you want to have that special orgasmic ability? Do you want to feel that kind of intensity in your life? Do you want to do this? We’re going to try it in this intense session. You’re going to have to relax deeply and place your hands somewhere they can’t get in the way. You won’t be able to touch yourself in any way. You need to be trained properly to have a handsfree orgasm. You’re going to have to get yourself off by using your mind so, lets see how powerful your cock really is. Maybe your mind isn’t powerful enough and you won’t get to cum. Do you still think you can do this? You’re already so aroused, your cock is already so unbelievably hard right now. Just listening to my voice will have you so hard and throbbing to have an orgasm from my commands. Can you have an orgasm just from listening to my voice? Can you have a the most intense hands from orgasm stroking your cock with your mind? Your throbbing so much and you can already feel the intensity. Lets begin the hands free training and see how you can do. Use your mind and listen to my voice as we train for a hands free orgasm

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