Part 4 Dr. Lovejoy’s Decade Of Faggot Addiction

Part 4 of the Decade collection is here. It’s the new faggot humiliation you’ve been waiting for.

A Decade Of Faggot Addiction MP3

In this session it’s time to celebrate something really special. An entire decade of faggot addiction! Congratulations you’ve spent the past decade being a totally closeted faggot. Not many people know the real truth about you, not many people know that you salivate and lust for cock because you’re a total faggot. I do though, no one knows what a major faggot you are like your Dr. Lovejoy knows. You love to tell me everything and it’s felt so good to be able to be open about how much you love cock hasn’t it, just think an entire decade of working up to be the biggest and best faggot. I’ve been helping you increase your faggot addiction for so long and we’re going to head into the next decade making your faggot addiction even stronger. I’m going to push your faggot limits, all those cocks you’ve craved in your mind are going to become a reality now. There’s no turning back this new decade! I’m going to have you worshipping all the cocks you’ve every jerked off over. You’ve got faggot addiction, after that first faggot thought you felt shame and wanted it to go away and you came to me. You’re a faggot for life and a faggot forever. You’ve got intense faggot addiction and I’m going to make it even more intense in this new decade. No one knows better than your Dr. Lovejoy, faggot.


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Goodbye Insecurity Dr. Lovejoys Positive Affirmations MP3

We’re going to do the ultimate mind fuck, I’m going to place some positivity into your mind to rejuvenate you. You need this dose of pure positive energy after feeling all your shames. Are you ready to take in positive energy to say goodbye to your insecurities?  My voice is so sexy and soothing, you’ll find your cock and mind are more turned on than ever.

Goodbye Insecurity Dr. Lovejoys Positive Affirmations MP3
In this positive affirmation session i’m going to help you stop feeling so insecure. Insecurity can make us see the world in such dark and negative light and it’s time to lift that darkness so you can see the light. You need to get rid of your insecurities, they make you feel terrible inside and it’s time to say goodbye to your insecurities. The more you listen to this affirmation session you will start to feel the positive energy bringing the light within you that you need to not feel so dark and insecure. Listen when you wake up to begin your day on a positive level. Listen before you go to sleep to absorb positive thoughts into your mind before sleep and drift away to a better you. It’s time to say goodbye to insecurities.


Dr. Lovejoy Is Your Vocal Xanax W/ Cum Countdown MP3 Erotic Audio

The new vocal medication that your mind has been craving. The weekend is about to get better now that I’m here with this mind medicine.

Dr. Lovejoy Is Your Vocal Xanax W/ Cum Countdown MP3

The moment you hear my voice your body sets itself into a deep state of relaxation. The feeling is immediate, its as though you can finally breath freely again the second you hear my voice. I’m the vocal Xanax that you need to get through life. My voice is pure and authentic high grade audio Xanax. You need my voice, it’s the only think that relaxes you. It’s time for you to take your medication, I’m the medication. Your Dr. Lovejoy is the vocal Xanax that you need. You can feel all your stress melting away. You’re going to find yourself going into a deeper and deeper state of relaxation. You body is starting to melt along with your mind as your cock aches. Take your vocal Xanax and relax until your cum countdown sets you into the deepest state of vocal bliss.  

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Dr. Lovejoy Corrupts Your Mind With More Porn Erotic Audio MP3

It’s a new week and your mind is fresh. I want to corrupt it. New therapy to take you deeper into the realm of needing my therapy. I want to take your love for porn to a deeper level. I want to really warp your mind.

Dr Lovejoy Corrupts Your Mind With More Porn
Your mind is very weak for porn, I know it’s something that you think about quiet often. You may even think you look at too much porn, and you need me to help you get away from it. You don’t but I’m going to help you I’m going to corrupt your mind with even more porn. You keep trying to escape porn and tell yourself “this week I won’t look at so much porn” and, you fail. You think this is going to be the last week you call a phone sex line, buy a clip but instead I’m going to make you go deeper. I’m going to corrupt your mind with so much porn it’s the only thing you’re going to be able to think about. You won’t be able to escape porn after I corrupt your mind. You’re going to think about porn more than ever, you’re going to lose yourself down so many avenues of porn. Porn is going to corrupt your mind and you’re already hard thinking about it.


Masturbate For Dr. Lovejoy All Day, All Night. Part 2 Erotic Audio

You love to spend the weekend masturbating to my voice. You love taking days off where you stroke all day and all night for me. It’s time for a new all day and all night stroke session. Let go of all the stress of life and this week and follow along to what I have to say. Dr. Lovejoy always knows best. Let’s begin the stroking, get the session and lets begin.

Masturbate For Dr. Lovejoy All Day, All Night. Part 2
You love masturbating to my voice, you love when I give you commands to masturbate. You love masturbating when I tell you to. When you feel my commands deep inside it makes you want to masturbate more. You love it when trigger you to masturbate even more. You think you want to decease and slow down your masturbation habits because it’s an addiction but. I’m going to increase that need. You want to masturbate more for me and I’m going to have you masturbating for me, all day and all night. You’re going to find a deep insatiable desire to masturbate and hear me in your mind telling you that you want to masturbate all day and all night. Just hearing the words all day and all night has your cock at attention feeling the triggers I’ve set within your mind. Can you already feel your urges kicking in. Surrender your mind to me, masturbate for me all day and all night.