Dr. Lovejoy’s Chastity Trigger Therapy

In the spirit of Locktober it’s time for you to have a nice mental chastity session. Are you ready to get taken into the deep chastity mind space all weekend? Let’s begin.

Dr. Lovejoy’s Chastity Trigger Therapy

In this session I’m going to trigger you into a deep sensation of total chastity. The aching in your inner thighs is going to feel so good and so intense. In fact not only will you feel an immediate sensation of chastity but I will also trigger you to any and all feelings in any erogenous zones. You’re going to still feel incredibly turned on and as horny as ever but, you will not be able to do or feel anything sexual at all. You’re going to actually feel as though you’ve had a chastity belt placed on you and its preventing you from touching yourself. You’re going to become more and more turned on and the more horny you get the more you will discover that you can’t become physically aroused because this chastity belt is in the way. You won’t be able to get out of the chastity belt until the trigger phrase has been said. Until the trigger has been said you simply have no choice and there is no way to stop this chastity sensation. You can’t fight it, you can’t resist it, you’re locked in a chastity device. You will listen to this session over and over accepting what it says and accepting that it’s going to go deeper and deeper into your mind.

You Want Your Dr. Lovejoy To Be Your MILF Lovejoy.

You Want Your Dr. Lovejoy To Be Your MILF Lovejoy.
We really need to talk about something that’s been going on a little too long now. I’ve noticed since we’ve started talking about your past and all your issues something happens.
When I even say the word “milf” you perk up with look of excitement. I’m starting to think you’ve been coming to me a lot more lately for all the wrong reasons. I feel like you’ve started looking at me like i’m a maternal figure. You’re looking at me like you want me to be your milf! You don’t want me to be Dr. Lovejoy to you, you want me to be Milf Lovejoy!
You want my attention so desperately, you come in to my office so desperate to please me.
You want my scolding, you need my scolding. You want your Milf Lovejoy.

You’re Going To Sweat Sperm For Dr. Lovejoy!

Swallow so much cum, work out with such vigor that you sweat the cum out for me.

You’re Going To Sweat Sperm For Dr. Lovejoy
As you know fitness is really important to me. It’s time that I make you sweat for me except this is going to be a whole different kind of sweating. I’m going to make you into such a cum guzzling faggot that you’re going to be sweating sperm. You’re going to fill yourself up with so much cum that its going to be sweating from your faggot pores. You know this is the only way to please me and get yourself into faggot shape for your Dr. Lovejoy. When you go out for a run you better be tasting that cum in your sweat. If you’re not tasting cum in your sweat then you’re not working your faggot body out hard enough. You’re going to feel hot cum running down your face after I get you drenched in sperm on the inside. You’re going to get into intense faggot shape for your Doctor Lovejoy.


Stroke And Pay Your Life Away For Dr. Lovejoy. Financial Domination Mantras

Are you ready to go into my stroke and pay abyss? My mantra is going to melt you into a sensual state of masturbation bliss. Grab your cock and wallet and lets being this seductive intense session.

Stroke And Pay Your Life Away For Dr. Lovejoy
In this session I want you to really sit back and focus on what I say. Your masturbation addiction will intensify during and after this session. My words and my voice are going to hit deep, hard and intense in this session. You will go over stroke and pay mantras with me as you become mesmerized into a deep stroke and pay mindset.
You feel so good when you stroke and spend and follow along with my mantras. The more you masturbate and spend the better your life will be. This is a very intense and deep masturbation session, you will crave stroking and paying your life away.


Dr. Lovejoy’s Faggot Brainwashing ASMR Whisper Audio

You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) in this whisper session, I’m going to put you under a faggot brainwashing spell. You’re an absolute closeted, cock loving faggot and just hearing the melodic and hypnotizing tones of my whisper say the word faggot into your ears intoxicates you. You’ll feel chills up and down your spine as the word faggot spills from my lips through my delicate whispers. You’re a faggot and I know it and I’m going to expose it to you with my faggot brainwashing whispers. Listening to my whispers clears your mind and fills it purely faggot thoughts. The brainwashing will be setting in by the second, you’re going to become more of a faggot by the second. You’re going to have big dicks on your mind, you’re never going to be able to get yourself off to heterosexual porn. A faggot like you can only get off from the most faggot porn. You’re a dick, loving, cum craving faggot. You’re so hard right now aren’t you faggot? Your faggot cock is so hard as you become more of a faggot and it feels so good. Become the dirty faggot I want you to be.