Becoming A Sissy Maid MP3

In this MP3 audio therapy session not only are you a sissy but you’re a special sissy, you’re a sissy maid who’s sole purpose in life is to service and serve people. This is what you exist to do for the rest of your life. Listen as your mind starts to accept anything that I command, every word I say is sent deep into your subconscious forcing you into obedience. Regardless of if you desire to become a serving sissy maid, your obedience is forced from within, forced from the power of my will that you will obey and you must serve. You will exist as a sissy maid and nothing more. It feels good to let go and explore the real you inside. You will feel like an absolute sissy when listening to this sex therapy audio.

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Becoming A Sissy Maid 18:15 minutes $12.99

Becoming A Sissy Maid MP3

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