Dr. Lovejoy’s Gag On It Faggot. Erotic ASMR Whispers MP3

You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)
In this whisper ASMR session you’re going to gag on it for me like a faggot. Find a nice real cock, a dildo or really anything that you can show me how you’re going to be a good gag faggot. I know how much a faggot like you loves thinking about gagging on a big cock and now you’re going to gag on that big cock for me. You want to feel the head of a big huge dick popping right between your lips, pushing deep into the wetness of your mouth. Faggot, I know your mouth is suddenly getting wet isn;t it faggot? You’re already so turned on and so excited faggot. You’re going to loosen up that faggot throat of yours and get it nice and relaxed because you’re going to gag on the fattest dicks for me. I want to hear you gag for me, I want to hear the gagging sounds of that dick so deep down your faggot throat. Are you ready to take that big dick deep past your lips gagging the fuck out of your throat? Gag on it faggot! Gag on that fat stiff dick faggot and take it so deep down your faggot throat that you can’t even taste the cum its so deep. Gag on it for me and show me how much you worship me and how deep you’ll go. I want to watch your face turn red as your eyes well up with tears. Gag on it faggot!




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You’re Addicted To My Faggot Therapy. Erotic Audio MP3

You’ve found that you have a new addiction, you’ve become completely addicted to my faggot MP3 sessions. My faggot therapy is turning you into the biggest faggot. You’ can’t stop listening to all of my faggot therapy. The moment I put out new faggot therapy you have to have it. My faggot therapy is conditioning you, its making you into more of a faggot. The more you listen to my faggot therapy the more we make the discovery together that you’re a full fledged faggot. My intense voice makes the faggot therapy so addicting and intense. The way my erotic voice makes you feel each time you hear the word faggot roll off my luscious lips. My faggot therapy is the only thing that helps you, my faggot therapy keeps you addicted. You’re so addicted to me. You hang on every one of my faggot words and you’re draw to every single word I say. No one knows what an addicted faggot like needs more than your Dr. Lovejoy.


Dr. Lovejoy’s Faggot Love Potion ASMR Whispers Audio Porn MP3

Are you ready for a brand new faggot whisper session? I’ve made a special drink for you. Come have some of my faggot love potion and listen to my whispers. Begin your euphoric faggot masterbation session now. 

Dr. Lovejoy’s Faggot Love Potion ASMR Whispers MP3 W/ Cum Countdown

You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) In this whisper ASMR session, you’re going to take a drink my special cocktail that along my faggot whisperer therapy is going to give you intense tingly feelings. Once you’ve had a glass of my addicting cocktail you’ll be more relaxed than ever. This special faggot love potion is going to have you loving to crave cum, especially your own, You’ve thought about eating your own cum many times but were always to afraid to try it. You get incredibly turned on thinking of taking your load into your mouth after your masturbated but you’re too scared to do it. You’re going to crave and hunger for the taste of your cum. I’m going to reprogram your mind through ASMR whispers and my love potion o eat your own cum. My erotic whispers will bring tingles into your brain as you get so hard and find your mouth watering to eat your own cum. As the love potion takes total control over you, I’m going to give you a 10 second cum countdown at the end, You’re going to be so thirsty and feel so refreshed after this euphoric faggot session.

It’s Too Late, You’re A Faggot Forever! Audio Porn

Are you ready for more faggot therapy? It’s your favorite thing which is why its too late.

It’s Too Late, You’re A Faggot Forever!!! w cum countdown

In this faggot therapy session we’re going to talk about how it’s now too late. You’ve gone deep into faggot therapy and now there’s no turning back from it. There is no going back faggot, we’ve been doing this faggot therapy for some time now and it’s only gotten more intense. You love when I call you faggot, it all started in the beginning when you heard me call you faggot. Here we are now and there is no escape faggot, you can’t stop finding yourself in constant need of faggot therapy. You can’t get through the week with out your faggot therapy sessions and hearing my voice guide you in your faggot life. There is no turning back, it’s too late and its time to surrender to being a faggot for life. You hit the faggot wall, you’re so deep in this faggot therapy that you can;t come back from this faggot. With my help and therapy sessions and just listening to my voice you’ve become a faggot and there is no going back faggot. It’s too late there is no making your heterosexual life happen again, you can’t turn back now faggot. There is no just tasting the faggot zone and turning around. you’re in deep faggot. You’re in so deep faggot, just let go and surrender and listen as I count you down to your new faggot reality.

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You know im right, there is no turning back.


Deepen Self Loathing Therapy 2018 VIDEO/ MP3

Lets take this a notch deeper, this time without the whispers, just a deep mind introspection and deep loathing session.

This is an audio/video experience or you can listen alone with no visual component. In this intense humiliation session I’m going to increase your self loathing for 2018. You’re going to hate yourself even more. Get yourself nice and comfortable and listen to my words as they sink into your head and deepen your self loath.  Relax and listen to my words, you already hate yourself but you’re going to hate yourself even more. I’m going to increase your loathing for the next 365 days of this year. You already can’t stand looking at yourself, you can’t even stand to hear yourself talk. You hate yourself.  You can barely tolerate being the same room as yourself. You’re dull and everyone thinks your dull. Your self hatred is going to grow deeper and deeper, you’re a loser. You’re not worthy, you’re not good enough, you’re pathetic and you hate yourself. Your filled with deep self loathing and its only getting more intense. You’re starting to make yourself sick having to look at yourself. You masturbate all the time because no one wants to fuck you, you wouldn’t even fuck yourself. You hate yourself, you’re a loser and just hearing my words and focusing on my words brings the self loathing to a deeper level in 2018. 2018 is the year of deep self loathing.