Are You A Masturbation Addict?

A new femdom therapy sex quiz to help you answer one of the most popular sex questions that I hear on a daily basis. A lot of you call me on Niteflirt asking me if I think you have a masturbation problem. Masturbation addiction comes in many forms and I’m here to help you find your level of addiction. Are you wanting to masturbate from just thinking of taking this masturbation quiz?

Are You A Masturbation Addict? Quiz + Photos
Who doesn’t love a good orgasm, but for you is masturbation something you do casually a few times a week, an obsession…or something in between the two extremes. With my quiz its time we determine if you are a masturbation addict and have the hormonal drive to qualify for that righteous title Once you have your answer you will most likely need to have a therapy session to really confirm if you do have a masturbation addiction and how deep it is it and is it even something that can be stopped! Take the quiz now and lets let the therapy begin.


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