Dr. Lovejoy Bimbotizes You. Bimbonosis Audio Therapy

The bimbonosis and therapy you’ve been craving.

Dr. Lovejoy Bimbotizes You.
When you step into my office I notice you’re wearing a lot more pink than usual. That leads me into what I wanted to do to take our therapy sessions to the next level. I want to bimbotize you and bimbotize you hard, you know this is something you’ve always wanted. It’s time we go all the way with those big huge bimbo tits and those pumped up bimbo lips. We’re going to get your hair the most bimbo shade of platinum and your ass blown up. Are you ready to go all the way? Was it the moment I said fake tits that got you excited or when I said big huge over the top fake plastic tits? I’m going to turn you into a plastic fuck hoe bimbo. Let’s begin, Dr. Lovejoy has always known what a bimbo you were meant to be.


Dr. Lovejoy’s You Have A Terminal Case Off Masturbation Addiction Humiliation

Dr. Lovejoy’s You Have A Terminal Case Off Masturbation Addiction Humiliation
I’ve received all the tests back and received the feedback of a couple of other doctors. I’ve gone over it a few times just to make sure everything was correct. Even I was surprised at the results and I don’t want to worry you because it’s going to be ok. You’ve been diagnosed with a terminal case of masturbation addiction. There are no cures, no medications, no amount of therapy, no diets no anything. This is a terminal issue, you’re a masturbation addict for the rest of your life! It’s so bad that I needed second and third opinions! You’re never going to stop, you cant its terminal!


Dr. Lovejoy Encourages You To Become Broke And Alone. Financial Domination Therapy

Just the encouragement you’ve been needing this week.

Dr. Lovejoy Encourages You To Become Broke And Alone.
This is the best financial decision of your health life. You’re investing in being the best version of you by caring about yourself enough to get the leadership you need. This is the therapy that’s going to keep you on the right track. I know you think you’ve been spending too much money on femdoms and too much porn. I know that’s been weighing on you for a long time. Times are strange and for some really tough right now and saving might be a wise thing. For you, I have a different approach, one that’s been proven over and over again with my clients. I’m going to encourage you to go for broke and alone. you can still afford to come to our sessions so don’t worry. This is the encouragement you’ve been needing for your excessive spending. We’re going to take you to a new place of embracing being broke and alone for Dr. Lovejoy.