You’re Obsessed With Dr. Lovejoy’s Humiliation

No one can tear you down, build you up and knock you down again like me. You’re so obsessed and you will be for life.

You’re Obsessed With Dr. Lovejoy’s Humiliation
I’m so happy to have you back with my sessions, I noticed you’ve been spending a lot more time with my MP3’s. You’ve been buying so many lately and I noticed in particular it’s been my humiliation MP3s. I see the humiliation therapy is really working isn’t it. You’re so addicted and obsessed wit the way that I humiliate you. You’re obsessed with my voice and the way I talk down to you. The cadence of my words cuts so deep into your mind. You’re obsessed with how I tell you how much of a loser I think you are. You’re so obsessed with my humiliation and sensual abuse. With each MP3 you listen too you get more and more obsessed. You’ll keep calling me because no one tells you what a fucking loser you are the way that I can. You know your Dr. Lovejoy knows best that that’s why you’re obsessed with my humiliation.

You’re Going To Sweat Sperm For Dr. Lovejoy!

Swallow so much cum, work out with such vigor that you sweat the cum out for me.

You’re Going To Sweat Sperm For Dr. Lovejoy
As you know fitness is really important to me. It’s time that I make you sweat for me except this is going to be a whole different kind of sweating. I’m going to make you into such a cum guzzling faggot that you’re going to be sweating sperm. You’re going to fill yourself up with so much cum that its going to be sweating from your faggot pores. You know this is the only way to please me and get yourself into faggot shape for your Dr. Lovejoy. When you go out for a run you better be tasting that cum in your sweat. If you’re not tasting cum in your sweat then you’re not working your faggot body out hard enough. You’re going to feel hot cum running down your face after I get you drenched in sperm on the inside. You’re going to get into intense faggot shape for your Doctor Lovejoy.