Dr. Lovejoy Increases Your Addiction To Femdoms. Erotic Audio

You love femdoms, you love to submit to femdoms and now you’re going to devote more off your life to femdoms with this new session.

Dr. Lovejoy Increases Your Addiction To Femdoms.
In this session we are going to work on your femdom addiction. In evaluating your files i’ve noticed a significant surge in spending on femdoms since the year before. I’m really impressed, I know you wanted to cut back but, that was never going to happen as I had told you in the past. That was something that I wanted for you, I’ve been working on subliminally encouraging you to spend more on femdoms. You didn’t even know it was happening to you but it did, your femdom addiction is increasing. Your life has improved with your increasing femdom addiction. More clips, more calls, more photos, more talking, more texting, more femdom everything. You’re addicted to femdom’s and just when you think you’re done and get tired of one another one comes along and you do it all over again. You’re constantly captivated and you can’t stay away from all your favorites. There’s no need to try and look back. Let’s keep going and increasing that femdom addiction. You need more, you want more, your life is only fulfilled with femdom in it.


Dr. Lovejoy’s You Love My Stinky Fitness Femdom Feet MP3

You’re always asking about my workouts, my shoes and socks and I know why. I know all about your jerk off stinky foot lust.  Now’s your chance to get your face in my feet after a workout.

You Love My Stinky Fitness Femdom Feet
It’s always nice to have you in my office for a session. I just got back from a really long hike and my feet are aching and my socks smell. Sorry about that oder, coming from my feet.
Actually, sorry, i’m not sorry I work out really hard to stay this in shape. So that’s what smells and I don’t care, in fact you’re going to do this entire session now with my stinky shoes and smelly socks over your nose. You’re acting like you don’t like it but your pathetic dick is rock hard. Look at how excited you’re getting over my stinky shoes and socks! What a stinky foot fetish loser! You love stinky feet and now I know why you always ask about my fitness routine and if I wear out my shoes and socks. You wanted them this whole time you stinky foot loving loser! Now take some really deep inhales and worship and whiff my hot sweaty feet.



Dr. Lovejoy Makes You A Pillow Fucking Loser Audio Therapy

Prepare for an intense loser moment of bliss, you’re going to have incredible sex!
With a pillow!

Dr. Lovejoy Makes You A Pillow Fucking Loser
It’s been a really long time since I’ve made you do that thing you love. Something unbelievably humiliating and really pathetic. Something that will make you a top level loser. I’m going to make you into my pillow fucker. It’s been way too long since I’ve made you fuck that cotton cunt for me, loser. You’ve missed pillow fucking for me, I’m going to make you fuck that pillow so get it now before we start this session. This is the ultimate loser therapy session for a loser like you. A major loser moment is going to occur because this is the special loser therapy you need. You’re going to be my pillow fucking, cotton cunt riding idiot loser. Your loser dick is so hard for your pillow. I want to laugh in your face as your pump away, loser. Let’s get started, Dr. Lovejoy knows best.


Stroke And Pay Your Life Away For Dr. Lovejoy. Financial Domination Mantras

Are you ready to go into my stroke and pay abyss? My mantra is going to melt you into a sensual state of masturbation bliss. Grab your cock and wallet and lets being this seductive intense session.

Stroke And Pay Your Life Away For Dr. Lovejoy
In this session I want you to really sit back and focus on what I say. Your masturbation addiction will intensify during and after this session. My words and my voice are going to hit deep, hard and intense in this session. You will go over stroke and pay mantras with me as you become mesmerized into a deep stroke and pay mindset.
You feel so good when you stroke and spend and follow along with my mantras. The more you masturbate and spend the better your life will be. This is a very intense and deep masturbation session, you will crave stroking and paying your life away.


Dr. Lovejoy’s Faggot Brainwashing ASMR Whisper Audio

You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) in this whisper session, I’m going to put you under a faggot brainwashing spell. You’re an absolute closeted, cock loving faggot and just hearing the melodic and hypnotizing tones of my whisper say the word faggot into your ears intoxicates you. You’ll feel chills up and down your spine as the word faggot spills from my lips through my delicate whispers. You’re a faggot and I know it and I’m going to expose it to you with my faggot brainwashing whispers. Listening to my whispers clears your mind and fills it purely faggot thoughts. The brainwashing will be setting in by the second, you’re going to become more of a faggot by the second. You’re going to have big dicks on your mind, you’re never going to be able to get yourself off to heterosexual porn. A faggot like you can only get off from the most faggot porn. You’re a dick, loving, cum craving faggot. You’re so hard right now aren’t you faggot? Your faggot cock is so hard as you become more of a faggot and it feels so good. Become the dirty faggot I want you to be.