Damage Your Brain With More Porn For Dr. Lovejoy MP3

Are you prepared for the descent into the deep porn abyss? This session is going to damage your porn addicted brain even further. Lets’ begin this intense mind fuck session.

Damage Your Brain With More Porn For Dr. Lovejoy MP3
In this session my mission is to damage your brain even more with more porn. I know you’ve been trying to cut back on your porn but, I feel like its time we take this in a new direction. You’ve been coming to me lately and I can tell you’re a bit more unsatisfied then usual. You’re feeling this dissatisfaction because you’re taking away from you what you love the most, that’s watching porn. You’re taking all the happiness from your world by denying yourself porn on your phone, on your laptop, chatting on Twitter with your favorite fantasy lusts and anywhere else and it’s making you miserable. We’re going to change this and you’re going to watch even more porn. We’re going to increase the amount of time you spend with all porn activities. I want you to begin to find even more porn stars, cam girls, femdoms and more to obsess over. I’m on a mission and I want to reverse your sadness and damage your brain with even more porn. Let’s make this therapy worthwhile, why curb your porn addiction when we can make it so much more. Let’s damage that brain of your’s with more porn!


Dr. Lovejoy Encourages Your Masturbation Addiction MP3

In this session i’m going to help really deepen and encourage your masturbation addiction. Your masturbation addiction has gone wildly out of control. I’m so proud of you, I can’t believe how much more you’ve been masturbation but, I want really encourage you to take it to the next level and go even deeper. I’m going to encourage you to keep stroking, encourage you to make this masturbation addiction go to a deeper place. You’ve done such a nice job and really been stroking yourself to the max and spending so much time masturbating. You’ve been masturbating more than ever. I know you can do more for me.