Part 6 Dr. Lovejoy’s Decade Of Dick Loving MP3 Erotic Audio

Part 6 of the Decade collection is here, dick lovers! 

It’s the new dick loving humiliation you’ve been waiting for.

Dr. Lovejoy’s Decade Of Dick Loving MP3 

In this session we’re going to talk about how its been decade of dick on your mind! Congratulations, you’ve made it all the way to a decade of loving and lusting for dick! It started with that first time you had that thought and got off from it and felt so much shame and embarrassment. You were so ashamed you tried to never think about it again but, you failed. You always have dick on your mind. You’ve had dick on your mind so long and then you came to me and it got worse. You’ve spent the past decade loving dick for your Dr. Lovejoy. I’ll be reassuring you that you’re going to be spending the next 10 years loving dick and its only going to get more intense. Dick whipped and strained to only cum thinking about cum. Just imagine a decade more of the dick loving that you do. A full fledged dick lover, a dick lover for life, a dick lover for decades for your Dr. Lovejoy.


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Part 5 Decade Of Phone Sex Addiction

Part 5 of the Decade collection is here. It’s the new humiliation for your phone sex addiction that you’ve been waiting for!

A Decade Of Phone Sex Addiction MP3
In this session we are celebrating a decade of your pathetic phone sex addiction! How does it feel its now 2020 and it’s been 10 years that you’ve been calling phone sex lines. Even if you havent been calling phone sex sites for the past 10 years we both know you’re well on your way there to a journey to a decade. For the majority its been 10 long years of online smut, 10 years of living a loser life jerking off to unobtainable women on the phone. All that money you’ve spent and plan to spend in the next decade on phone sex alone is so sad and pathetic but, guess what. I’m going to make you spend even more and make you even more of an addict. Listening to my voice, hearing all my words and each time I tell you what a total loser you are with a phone sex addiction makes you more weak. You can only get off from your phone sex addiction, with each call you’re being trained that its the only way you’re going to be able to orgasm. What a total loser with a phone sex addiction! Get ready to spend thousands over the next decade, loser. Your Dr. Lovejoy is kicking up your phone sex addiction and there is no escape. No one knows better that what a phone sex addicted addict you are like your Dr. Lovejoy.


Part 4 Dr. Lovejoy’s Decade Of Faggot Addiction

Part 4 of the Decade collection is here. It’s the new faggot humiliation you’ve been waiting for.

A Decade Of Faggot Addiction MP3

In this session it’s time to celebrate something really special. An entire decade of faggot addiction! Congratulations you’ve spent the past decade being a totally closeted faggot. Not many people know the real truth about you, not many people know that you salivate and lust for cock because you’re a total faggot. I do though, no one knows what a major faggot you are like your Dr. Lovejoy knows. You love to tell me everything and it’s felt so good to be able to be open about how much you love cock hasn’t it, just think an entire decade of working up to be the biggest and best faggot. I’ve been helping you increase your faggot addiction for so long and we’re going to head into the next decade making your faggot addiction even stronger. I’m going to push your faggot limits, all those cocks you’ve craved in your mind are going to become a reality now. There’s no turning back this new decade! I’m going to have you worshipping all the cocks you’ve every jerked off over. You’ve got faggot addiction, after that first faggot thought you felt shame and wanted it to go away and you came to me. You’re a faggot for life and a faggot forever. You’ve got intense faggot addiction and I’m going to make it even more intense in this new decade. No one knows better than your Dr. Lovejoy, faggot.


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Dr. Lovejoy’s A Decade Of Sissy Addiction MP3

Part 3 in the Decade series.
Sissy boy are you ready for the next decade of being a sissy? It’s time for some next level facts.
Know one knows what you need more than your Dr. Lovejoy

A Decade Of Sissy Addiction MP3
In this session we’re going to celebrate a decade of sissy addiction. You’ve spent the past 10 years being a closeted sissy. I would know that more than anyone because it’s always been our secret. You’ve spent so many years coming to me talking about panties and cock, and the color pink. We’ve spent countless hours talking about all your sissy fantasies before you go home to your other pretend life. Here we are a decade of sissy addiction and its only going to get more intense. Think about how much of a pussy sissy loser you are that’s bought dozens of panties and thrown them away over the decade. Think about all that money you spent on your sissy addiction and how you just got it all, played with it and felt so much shame that you tossed it away. Your sissy addiction is going to get stronger than ever, the more you listen to this session the more you accept and realize how you’re a sissy for life and a sissy forever. I’ve spent years training you, I’ve spent years planting subliminal seeds into your squishy prissy pink loving brain. Embrace this past decade of sissydom, you’re only going to become more of a prancing sissy in the next year and coming decade. You’re going to start saving things, time to embrace your sissy love of girly clothing and keep it all. You have a sissy addiction and its time for you to intensify it. More prancing, more panties and more pink. Dr. Lovejoy makes you a sissy for life and a sissy forever. I’m going to turn your sissy addiction into the next deep phase. Sissy addiction has never felt so good.


Dr. Lovejoy’s A Decade Of Masturbation Addiction. MP3 Erotic Audio

The new Decade is here ushering in more masturbating. You’ve spent the past 10 years stroking away and I’m going to have your masturbation addiction in full gear in this new decade. Know one knows better than your Dr. Lovejoy.

Dr. Lovejoy’s A Decade Of Masturbation Addiction. MP3
You just jerked off the last 10 years of your life! A new decade is here, Happy New Year! You’ve just spent the last 10 years increasing your masturbation addiction! Thanks to me and our therapy sessions your masturbation addiction has gotten even more out of control throughout the past decade. It all began with that time when you just masturbated once a day and it felt so good. You loved it so then it became twice a day. Years later and a masturbation addiction with no sign of slowing you embrace that its a decade of masturbation addiction. I’m going to keep you addicted for the next decade. You’re a masturbating addicted stroker and I’m going to spend the next decade stroke that cock even more. I’m going to have you keep that masturbation strong so you can stop pretending you’re ever going to slow it down. You should know better by now then to even try slowing it down. Every time you do, you fail and masturbate even more. You’re a stroke junkie, you’re a masturbation addict for life and for the next decade.