Dr. Lovejoy Encourages Your Phone Sex Addiction. MP3 Erotic Audio

There’s no longer any need to feel like you’re struggling. I’m going to get your phone sex addiction under control once and for all, my control.
Are you ready to surrender all the control to me?

Dr. Lovejoy Encourages Your Phone Sex Addiction. MP3
I wanted to talk about your phone sex addictions and how you’ve been struggling with it. You’ve been spending a lot of time coming back and forth to me for so long. You always come back and each time you come back to me it seems like you’re more into phone sex and porn than you were from the last time. We’re going to be done with that, you’re not going to do that anymore. I want to really encourage you to having a rich life filled with phone sex. When you come to me you’re so unhappy. When you indulge in your phone sex fantasies you’re feeling on top of the world. I really want to encourage you to increase your phone sex addiction. Encouraging you to do what makes you feel the best in life. I want to encourage you to only be able to cum while you’re on a phone sex call. Let’s begin this session and get to making you happy again, happy to keep having more and more phone sex.