Dr. Lovejoy Knows That Your Cock Knows What It Wants, More Cock. Erotic Audio MP3

No one knows better than your Dr. Lovejoy what you need, I know what you want. I have all the answers and no one knows you in the way I do. You want cock, you want so much cock and your cock is speaking to you, I’m going to help you listen.

Your Cock Knows What It Wants, More Cock.
I’m glad you’re back in my office for another session about your problem, I want to talk about if anything has changed for you since our last session. The last time you came to me you really had what you felt was too much cock on your mind. Is that still the case? Do you still have constant and frequent thoughts of cock? Let’s get to the bottom of this and see whats really going on in that cock lusting mind of yours. Sometimes you have to just accept that your cock wants what it wants. Let’s not fight these feelings and get to the meaning.


Masturbation Is Your Only Priority MP3 

I want you to focus on your priorities. It’s time to get them in order and right now masturbation is your number one priority in your life. This session will help align your priorities in the way that I see fit for you at this time in your life. I want you masturbating I want this on the forefront of your mind.

Masturbation Is Your Only Priority MP3
It’s about time we had another special session. From your voicemail it sounds like thing’s are really out of sorts and your mind is all out of order. I thought in this session we would work on your priorities in life. I think your priorities are really backwards and there is a reason your life is in total disarray. There is one priority you have in life and that’s masturbating. Your one and only priority in life is masturbating. Your friends and family can wait, you’ve got the time to masturbate all the time. Masturbation is your only priority Masturbation is your one true priority and you’re going to prioritize this to improve your life. It’s time to get your life together.