Dr. Lovejoy’s Gag On It Faggot. Erotic ASMR Whispers MP3

You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)
In this whisper ASMR session you’re going to gag on it for me like a faggot. Find a nice real cock, a dildo or really anything that you can show me how you’re going to be a good gag faggot. I know how much a faggot like you loves thinking about gagging on a big cock and now you’re going to gag on that big cock for me. You want to feel the head of a big huge dick popping right between your lips, pushing deep into the wetness of your mouth. Faggot, I know your mouth is suddenly getting wet isn;t it faggot? You’re already so turned on and so excited faggot. You’re going to loosen up that faggot throat of yours and get it nice and relaxed because you’re going to gag on the fattest dicks for me. I want to hear you gag for me, I want to hear the gagging sounds of that dick so deep down your faggot throat. Are you ready to take that big dick deep past your lips gagging the fuck out of your throat? Gag on it faggot! Gag on that fat stiff dick faggot and take it so deep down your faggot throat that you can’t even taste the cum its so deep. Gag on it for me and show me how much you worship me and how deep you’ll go. I want to watch your face turn red as your eyes well up with tears. Gag on it faggot!




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