Be A Faggot, Do What Faggots Do ASMR Whispers MP3

You have the option to listen and watch the faggot hypnosis wheel video or you can listen alone to the MP3 for on the go.
You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response)
In this whisper ASMR session you’re going to learn to do what faggots do. You want to be a faggot, if you want to be a faggot you have do all the things that faggots do. You want to look at big dicks on the internet, you want to look at big dicks on tv. Only a faggot would do that so, these are the things that you’re going to do. You’re going to learn about fashion and become a trendy faggot, you’re going to learn about male models because that’s what faggots know about. You want to be a faggot and that makes you a faggot, faggot. You want to do what faggots do. The more you listen to these hypnotizing whispers the more of a faggot you’re going to become. Faggots love to go to gay bars to pick up hot dick, faggots like you love fast access to cock. You know where to get all the good online dick because that’s what faggots know. Faggots go to glory holes and now you’re going to go to a glory hole. The more you listen to your faggot training whispers the more of a faggot you’re going to become and do the things that faggots do, faggot.


Trained To Cum To Dr. Lovejoy’s Voice. Cum Countdown Addiction MP3

Trained To My Voice Cum Countdown Addict – 11 minutes

You’re so in love with my voice, you can never really get enough of me. You’ buy all of my MP3s the topics often don’t even matter because you just want to get closer to my voice. I’m going to train you to be able to cum only to my voice, no one else or anything will allow you to achieve orgasm the I will.  My voice is going to take complete control of your cock, you’re going to devote yourself to my voice. No matter what it takes you’re only going to be allowed to orgasm listening to my voice controlling you. I make you stroke for me, I give you the cum countdown you crave to hear. I’m going to specifically make you need to hear my cum countdown. You’re going to be trained to hearing my cum countdown to the point where hearing me count backwards will be the only way you can orgasm. This is an intense file, it will make you more addicted and give you more of the training you crave. You want to feel the control of needing to hear my cum countdown, to be helpless to my voice and commands. The addiction is going to grow deeper, are you ready for my countdown?


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