Dr. Lovejoy’s Transexual Cock Brainwashing ASMR Whispers

ASMR Fetish MP3 therapy
You’re going to put on your headphones and relax with my whisper fetish ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) You’ve been waiting to get that little man pussy of your stuffed by a big fat thick transexual cock. Every single time you hear me say the words “Transexual Cock” you’re going to want it even more. Transexual cock sounds so good, your mouth is already watering thinking about it. Big tits, long legs a tiny waist and a big thick transexual cock to service. Just thinking about transexual cock has you so excited. There’s nothing more delicious and beautiful then a pretty transexuals cock. Every time I say the word transexual your pussy begins to water. The word transexual keeps triggering you to want those big tits in your face and a thick 8 inch cock to fuck you. Dr. Lovejoy knows best.


Dr. Lovejoy’s Weekend Stress Stroke Cum Countdown MP3

It’s your favorite part of the weekend., Its time to spend the weekend jerking off for your Dr. Lovejoy. Its been a really long week hasn’t it. Spend the weekend jerking off letting all that stress and annoyance dissipate. This week has been far too long and not enough masturbating has happened. I know you’re already hard, it only took 2 seconds for you to hear my voice to get rock hard. Are you ready to take your cock out for me and start stroking? You need to spend the weekend jerking off to my voice as I remind you what a stroke slave you are. You;re so fucking horny for me. You’re so turned on for your Dr. Lovejoy. Lets begin shall we. Take your cock out and get on your knees masturbator.


You Can Only Cum When You’re Called A Faggot – Faggot Therapy JOI MP3

I know something about you, I know your dirty secrets you love to tell me. I know all the details of your jerk off habits and I also know how much of a faggot you are. Did your cock already get hard hearing that faggot? It did, didn’t it ? You got hard when I called you a faggot. You beat off to being called a faggot don’t you? You call phone sex lines and have hot Woman call you a faggot, even better when a Man calls you a faggot. But there’s really one big truth here faggot, and that’s the fact that the only really hard, in orgasm you can achieve is from being told you’re faggot. Nothing else really does it for you quite like being called a faggot does. It doesn’t matter how much sex you have or the blow job’s you’re getting. You can only get the most intense orgasm from being told what a fucking faggot you really are. Look how hard you are stroking away right now, you’re so excited to hear me call you a faggot as you get that orgasm that you can only achieve while being called a faggot. I give you the faggot cum countdown to really make your faggot therapy extra deep.