Dr. Lovejoy’s Blow Job Sensation Hypnosis Trigger Therapy

Dr. Lovejoy’s Blow Job Sensation Trigger

In this 10 minute session I’m going to give you a special phrase and when you hear this phrase you’re immediately going to feel lips wrapped around your cock. It doesn’t matter who’s lips they are, they will belong to the person that you’re the most turned on by. It might me a Woman or perhaps its a Man but, you will feel lips wrapped on your cock. There will be only one way to stop this sensation and thats by having an orgasm, hearing someone say a trigger phrase, or you may even trigger yourself to to stop it with your very own trigger. This sensation can last a few moments or it can last all day but it won’t stop until you’ve gone over the edge and had an orgasm. You’re going to feel the most incredible sensation of a blow job in your life. Whatever your best experience was with a blow-job this will be just as intense if not more. You remember how good it was, how perfectly the person sucked and licked getting your cock so aroused that you wanted that feeling to last all day. All that sucking and stroking taking you to the edge with their intense cock sucking skills makes you want to cum.


Blow Job Time

Small Cock Hypnosis Humiliation

Show Off Your Small Cock Hypnosis Humiliation

I’ve got a new hypnosis femdom therapy session thats sure to help you, You know what your cock looks like and you’re well aware of the size but now you’re going to appreciate how small your cock is. I’m going to put you into a 10 minute trance like state. In this trance like state of mind you’re going to feel a deep urge to post a photo of your small cock on Twitter. Nothing is going to stop you from needing to let as many people as possible see how small you are. You’re not even going to need to show your face or body, you’re just going to have the burning desire to show off your small cock. You will find that even in a trance like state at any time you might pick up your phone and take a photo of your little cock and without hesitation post a photo of your small cock for the whole world to see and laugh at. You want everyone to see exactly how small you are, you want to completely expose yourself and theres zero embarrassment. You need this, the urge is surging you must expose your small cock online.

Small Penis Humiliation