Financial Domination Hypnosis With Dr. Lovejoy

Quick financial domination for the weekend. All I need is 10 minutes of your mind. I think it’s fairly obvious with how often I have you come to see me that I’m taking advantage of you to take your money. You never seem to mind that your sessions keep getting more and more expensive. I want all your money, I want to take it all and you want to give it to me. This past year of seeing me i’ve subliminally reprogrammed you and you had no idea. I reprogrammed you to get turned on every time I tell you to come back for another session. You don’t even realize you’re coming to me and we are having the same conversation over over. I just keep getting more money from you and the more I take from you the more I want to take more.

financial domination hypnosis

Dr. Lovejoy’s Penis Shrinking Spell

In this 16 minute session I’m going to put a penis shrinking spell on you. You can turn back now but, once you begin this session the effects will begin to happen quite quickly. Once we begin you’e going to begin feeling your cock shrink on a daily basis. You’re not even going to be aware this is happening to you until the cycle of the spell is complete. You’re going to be completely oblivious to the fact that your cock is shrinking and you’ll think it’s always been this small. Once the cycle has ended you’ll realize how small you’ve become and theres nothing you can do about it. You won’t even be able to listen to penis growth files to revert your penis back. If you listen to this file again after the cycle is complete you will continue to get smaller until your penis is like a tiny arisen and shrinks up inside of you. It’s not just your penis that’s going to shrink, your balls are going to shrink up and all of your pubic hair is going to fall out and never come back. There is no turning back from this spell, you will shrink your penis smaller and smaller. You can’t resist listening to this over and over but you really have no idea why, you can’t completely understand whats happening but one thing is for sure and thats your penis is shrinking, your balls are shrinking and there is no turning back.


Penis Shrinking Spell