Dr. Lovejoy’s Blow Yourself Mind Trigger

In this session my sensual erotic powerful voice is going to take you somewhere deep. Deep in your mouth. You’re going to find yourself triggered by a couple words which will make your cock immediately stand at attention. You will feel a sudden fullness in your mouth because when triggered you’re also going to feel your very own cock in your mouth. You’re cock will stay in your mouth once someone has said the trigger to stop that feeling. Just remember, whatever you’re doing in your mouth you’re going to feel between your legs as well. Even if you suck to the point of orgasm you will still have the feeling of the cock in your mouth until the trigger has been removed. Imagine how good its going to feel, imagine how no one else knows better than you how to make your very own cock feel so good. You know what it feels like when someone else has their lips on your cock and now you’re going to be in control of those feelings. Just remember every single time you hear the trigger your mouth is going to have your very own cock in it. You’re going to feel every single motion, every bit of hot breath, every bit of stimuli will be connected to your cock. You’re going to be addicted to this feeling and you’ll keep coming back to this session over and over again.

Blow Yourself