Holiday Stress Jerk Off Addict Therapy MP3

The holidays can bring out extra unwanted amounts of stress and tension in your life. All the pressure to buy the perfect gift, having enough money to buy everything, too much family around, not being able to be the real you. It’s just too much and I’m going to help you alleviate that stress with a special holiday masturbation therapy session. You already know how good it feels to masturbate your stress away but you will now intensify your masturbation sessions. You will stroke even more for me, you will stroke more for your Dr. Lovejoy. You will find yourself triggered to want to masturbate when you see or hear certain holiday oriented words, songs, visuals. You always want to please your Dr. Lovejoy and you know that doing as I tell you makes me happy. When I’m happy you’re happy. You will use this holiday masturbation therapy session to get you through this holiday season. Be prepared for an intense amount of masturbation and I must warn you this MP3 therapy session may cause a deeper more serious masturbation addiction as a result of frequent orgasms.


Holiday Masturbation Relief

Go Gay For Dr. Lovejoy Gay Affirmations

Go Gay For Dr. Lovejoy Gay Affirmations 30.00 Minutes
The more you hear my affirmations to go gay the more gay you will become. You’re going to spend the next 30 minutes on an affirmation mind trip, I’m going to go over all the reasons why you want to go gay. Being gay is good, being gay will make you happy. Being gay is who you really are. The more you listen to this session the more it will affirm deep into your brain that you willingly want to go gay for me and for yourself.
Included – Sensual – Femdom – Affirmations – Erotic Voice

Go Gay For Dr Lovejoy

Dr. Lovejoy’s Pussy Repellent Hypnosis MP3

You’re going to immerse yourself in 30 minutes of brain scrubbing words. In this sissy training exercise i’m going to reassemble your thoughts and feelings to where you find yourself repulsed and disgusted by Woman’s pussy. You will be repelled by the site of a vagina even if its the most beautiful Woman you’ve ever seen. You will be sickened by the thought of having to lick a Woman’s pussy. You will be disgusted by pussy in every way. There will be nothing more disgusting to you than the thought of having a Woman sit on your face because pussy is so gross and slimy to you now. The more time you spend listening to this file the more you will be repelled by pussy.

Pussy Repellent