Dr. Lovejoys Sissy Affirmations Words To Sissify Yourself

In this 25 minute powerful affirmation session I am going to help affirm how much of a sissy you are. You will listen again and again hearing affirmations such as how you are proud to be a sissy, how you love cum, how you love cum in your sissy vagina and a lot more. These affirmations are to be listened to daily to really help solidify and affirm what an absolute sissy you really are. There’s no shame in being a sissy so, you should be the best sissy you can be. You need these affirmations to go deep into your mind and bring you into a very deep sissy sub space affirming that you are very much a sissy for life.

Sissy Affirmations

Dr. Lovejoy Deepens Your Phone Sex Addiction

In this session I’m going to take advantage of your phone sex addiction and increase it. I’m going to put you into a weak mental state and double your fixation on phone sex sites. Theres not a whole lot more exciting for an addict like you then calling a brand new girl in hopes of telling them that same story you like to tell time and time again. Always looking for that specific reaction that makes your cock so hard and gives you the best orgasms. It doesn’t matter who’s behind the voice because you’re a phone sex addict and your phone sex addiction is going to grow to twice the level it was before after listening to this. You want to feel what its like to be told about your pathetic addiction to paying Woman to talk to you. You will find yourself scrolling through phone sex sites as you listen and by the end you will need to pick up and call a phone sex line.


Dr. Lovejoy Deepens Your Phone Sex Addiction

Erotic ASMR Wet Dream Controlling Whispers

I’m going to control your cock through ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) Your cock will be controlled by deep mental and physical stimulation. In this session you’re going to fall into a deep sleep where your entire body will be asleep but your cock will be wide awake. My erotic whispers are going to cause you to stroke yourself into a very messy wet dream. You’re going to wake up in a big puddle of cum and have no idea what happened. The only thing you’ll know is how incredible you feel. My whispers are incredibly powerful and will control you in a deep subliminal hypnotic way. My whispers will be responsible for guiding your cock into having the biggest wet dream leaving you craving to go back to sleep to try and remember what happened so you can feel it all over again.
Included – Sensual – Femdom – ASMR – Whispers – Masturbation Instruction

Wet Dream ASMR Whispers

Audio Erotica You’re In Love With My Voice

You’re so in love with my voice that all you want to do is stroke and stroke to my voice and fall in love with my voice. My voice is so sensual and controlling. The way my voice melts your brain into a deep submissive hypnotized puddle of weakness gets you so hard. You’re going to fall in love even deeper with My voice and you will stroke to My voice as I tell you to and when I tell you too. You’re so in love with My voice you can’t help but follow along to ever single word that I say with the utmost attention. My voice will own your hard cock and orgasm that you will give to me.
Included – Sensual – Femdom – No Effects – Jerk Off Instruction + 2 Photos

in Love With My Voice