Brainwashing You To Crave Transexual Cock MP3

Lets end the month with some relaxing brainwashing. It’s always nice on a Friday to spend the weekend nice and relaxed with my voice in your mind. I’m going to take you on a 27 minute femdom therapy journey where I brainwash you to lust and crave transexual cock. No effects just my natural raw seductive voice guiding you along and brainwashing you into a weak puddle of cum.
You’ve been waiting to get that little man pussy of your stuffed by a big fat thick transexual cock. Every single time you hear me say the words “Tranny cock” you’re going to want it even more. Tranny cock sounds so good, your mouth is already watering thinking about it. Big tits, long legs a tiny wasist and a big thick tranny cock to service. Just thinking about tranny cock has you so excited. There’s nothing more delicious and beautiful then a pretty transexuals cock. Every time I say the word tranny your pussy begins to water. The word tranny keeps triggering you to want those big tits in your face and a thick 8 inch cock to fuck you.

Tranny Cock Brainwashing

Cock For Life Deep Brainwashing Enforcement MP3

15 Minutes of cock craving brainwashing with 15 subliminal focus photos to enhance the brainwashing session. Sit back and relax as my smooth and sensual voice guides your mindset and reprograms you to crave cock, you will get so high from cock. You will look at the most beautiful Woman in the world but all you’ll want to do is suck cock. Deep mind penetration and hypnotic suggestion will take you there. You’ll find yourself staring at beautiful breasts but suddenly seeing cocks, you’ll have pussy in your face but can only visualize a cock in your face.

Cock For Life Affirmation  MP3

Dr. Lovejoy’s Cum Eating Motivation Affirmation Therapy

Cum Eating Motivation Affirmations 14 Min
You want to eat cum and think about it all the time but you just can’t get yourself over the edge to take that big step to actually do it. I’m here to help reprogram your mind with my cum eating motivational affirmations to focus on. Listen to them over and over and repeat each one. The more you listen to the sessions and repeat the affirmations you will find yourself believing more and more each day. Listen and observe as the positive motivating affirmations motivate you to suck cocks and get all that tasty cum deep down your throat where you think about it going every night. You can do it, yes you can do it. You can do it. You cam eat cum when you focus on cum eating then cum eating will happen.

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Cum Eating Affirmation MP3