Femdom Therapy Orgasm Denial MP3

Dr. Lovejoy Denies Your Orgasm MP3 6 min
There is such pleasure in the pain of being denied your orgasm. Stroke on edge for long periods of time begging to cum and being told no. It’s even more erotic when your in a femdom therapy session being denied by your beautiful Dr. Lovejoy.
In this session I’m going to tell you a special phrase. Once you hear that special phrase no matter how close to the edge you are your body will not allow you to have an orgasm. You might feel like you’re going to cum but it will not work no matter how excited you seem to be. I’m going to make it impossible to achieve that orgasm and the more you listen to this session the more difficult its going to become to get there. Once you hear that trigger you will not be able to orgasm until you hear another trigger word. There will simply be no way to get yourself over the edge. You will be denied, you deserve to be denied.


Orgasm Denied MP3