Masturbation Humiliation Hypnosis Triggers

Melt your holiday tension and masturbate for Me.
Working And Jerking, Stroking The Prick Hypnosis Stroking Triggers For Dr. Lovejoy
You’re not just masturbating all the time, you’re masturbating all the time for ME. A loser who honors me by spending every moment of his free time in gluttonous, masturbatory splendor wasting hour after hour working and jerking, stroking the prick and slamming the cock and I want nothing more that to see you working and jerking, stroking the prick and slamming the cock because nothing makes you look as pathetic. And the more pathetic you look, the more I own your sweaty, pathetic, pimply cock stroking ass.
What a good masturbator you’re going to make. A masturbator who is…
Working And Jerking
Stroking The Prick and
Slamming The Cock..
My trigger words will send you deep into working that cock for ME.


Hypnotizing Humiliation Masturbation Therapy

You’ve been waiting all week to get to the weekend. You”re ready to let the tension go and let the mesmerizing weekend masturbation begin. You need to orgasm to my voice, you need to cum so bad as I call you a palm pounding loser, so hard. You are addicted to my words and beauty. You’ve been waiting for my hypnotic voice and my incredible body to bring you to a place where you’re so submissive, hard, weak and in my control needing your orgasm therapy. You need your Dr. Lovejoy’s hypnotizing weekend masturbation instruction. It’s only a matter of time until you can only cum to my voice. The words Friday, Saturday and Sunday take on a whole new meaning. Click for your weekend session.



A Good Sissy Girl For Dr. Lovejoy

I’ve just put out a new sissy audio session for some sissy therapy on Niteflirt.
I’m going to help you recognize that all the pleasure and happiness and joy in your life comes from being a good sissy girl for me. Your true self is truly a sissy female, and always has been. You know that your inner self is a girl, a good sissy girl who just wants to please me, be happy and have fun. You are going to go into a trance and feel so refreshed and so happy and so pretty. You are a good girl for Dr. Lovejoy. Do you want to be a good sissy girl for your Dr. Lovejoy? And are you going to be a good sissy girl for your Dr. Lovejoy? Would you like to promise yourself right now that you are going to be a good sissy girl for Dr. Lovejoy all the time from now on? You are a good sissy girl.

Good Sissy Girl