Dr. Lovejoy Turns You Into A Bikini Wearing Slut

Dr. Lovejoy’s Turns You Into A Bikini Wearing Cum Slut is the latest MP3 femdom therapy 5:20 minutes. I was inspired as I was spending time at the beach looking at men in small mankinis and so many beautiful Woman in bikinis.
In this humiliation session I’m going to trigger you that you want to be a bikini wearing, cum loving slut. Bikinis are everywhere and wherever you go you see those sexy bikinis. All those girls with the hot bodies and the big tits, I know you love to look at the girls with big huge tits bouncing around and those pretty belly button rings. You can tell which girls are the slutty ones and you want to be one. You want to be a bikini wearing cum loving slut for your Dr. Lovejoy.

Bikini Cum Cum Slut

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Cock Craving Crotch Addiction Therapy MP3

Mens Crotch Addiction
New erotic audio therapy for you. Your Femdom therapist Dr. lovejoy has an exciting new MP3 for you.
In this 15 minute therapy session I will focus on making you addicted to Mens cock and crotches. I will make it so you are so obsessed and addicted that you will look into Mens crotches instead of their faces. Not only will I have to so controlled into craving cock but, you will have a burning appetite and taste for cock in your mouth. I will have you seeking out Mens crotches and letting them know how bad you want their package no matter the size, or shape you just want that cock. Not only will I have you craving cock and becoming addicted to it, you will be a greedy cocksucker wanting more and more. Prepare yourself for a very intense desire for cock that will last after the therapy file session finishes. I know your desires, I’m the one who controls them.

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Phone Sex Addiction Sex Quiz

I’ve put out a new sex quiz on Niteflirt to really answer the burning question thats on your porn addicted mind.
Do You Have A Phone Sex Addiction Quiz + Photos

Phone sex is something to love, its private, easy and you can just walk away. But, for you is phone sex is something you casually call once a week? many times a week, every chance you get its an obsession…or something in between the extremes. With my quiz its time we determine if you are a phone sex addict and have the fast finger dialing or clicking drive to qualify for that righteous title Once you have your answer you will most likely need to have a therapy session to really confirm if you do have a phone sex addiction and how deep it is it and is it even something that can be stopped!

phone sex addiction quiz