Femdom Therapy Horny Cock Stroke Addiction Weekend MP3

I’ve got a new Niteflirt Goody for you in the Niteflirt Goodie bags! The weekend is almost here and I’ve come up with a way to make your weekend a much more pleasurable experience.
This is a suggestive erotic audio session designed for weekend therapy ending on a Monday morning. I will plant suggestions into your mind and you will immediately begin to feel them. This weekend therapy session will leave you in a state of horny addiction. You will feel horny the entire weekend and feel the urge to masturbate and orgasm for the entire weekend. Wherever you are you will be turned on, seeing beautiful Woman, short skirts, legs, will give you the intense horny feelings you obsessive over. You will feel horny no matter where you are, you will need to find a place to stroke and cum wherever you are.

Cock Stroke Hypnosis Weekend

Gay Spell Hypnosis Transformation MP3

A new Femdom therapy session is here to put your bi-curious thoughts at ease. You may have wanted to dabble in crossing over to the other sex and in this erotic audio session you will get that chance.
This therapy session puts a hypnotic spell on you transforming you into a very gay man. You’ve always thought about being gay, you’ve fantasized about it. You’ve thought about being around a bunch of gay Men. You will now feel what it’s like to be a swishy gay male. You will begin to speak with a lisp, you will wear tight clothing to show off your sexy muscles, you’ll have perfect hair and you’ll always look good. Everything is going to change. Are you ready to experience this transformation? This hypnotic spell can’t be reversed it is permanent, take the next step and feel the transformation and let the therapy begin.

7:00 Minutes