Cum Lover Training MP3

Have you thought about how much you would love to feel cum all over your lips? Do you want to taste cum but you feel like you need your Domme to voce you to do it? I’m going to help you learn to love cum. Cum Lover Training is my latest in audio therapy sessions. In this humiliation therapy session you will become deeply relaxed and feel very obedient to my words. My Femdom therapy will penetrate your mind and train you to love cum in this session. This is for heterosexuals, sissy’s or if you’re unsure of your sexuality at the time then it pertains to the cum that you crave during the session. It won’t matter anyway because all thats going to matter is that you crave cum and that you need the taste of cum in your mouth and need to feel the cum in your mouth. Just listening to this file will train you to love cum its something that you simply can’t get off your mind. You will love receiving cum in any way possible. It’s time to accept this side of yourself completely. Let the therapy begin now.

7:26 Minutes


Are You Good In Bed? Sex Quiz

Valentines Day brings out a lot of feelings that will draw you to my humiliation therapy. The pressure of buying gifts, the pressure of not being a great lover. I’ll be taking sex advice calls all week long to help you get through this holiday. In honor of Saint Valentine and the many clients that want to discuss their sexual performance I created a new quiz. When it comes to being a red hot lover, are you a stud in the sack or are you a failure who should consider being a cuckold? Test your passion prowess with my “Are You Good In Bed” quiz. After you take the quiz I will determine what kind of a lover you are. Prepare for some intense therapy sessions after I confirm your love lust in bed.

Dr. Lovejoy's Sex Quiz

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