Becoming As Feminine As Possible Mantra MP3 6:20

You daydream about shedding your masculinity and becoming a Woman. The sissy girl inside you craves to feel the femininity of smooth curves and full breasts. You might just crave to hear my Femdom therapy and experience something new. In this new humiliation sex therapy session you will be taken to a relaxing space.
The use of a mantra in your daily life will make your therapy much more beneficial because the mantra is a very deep way of meditating on what thoughts need to fill your mind. In this mantra my erotic voice will allow you to be able to focus and meditate on becoming more feminine. You will feel a deeper connection to Woman’s clothing. You will feel a deeper connection to Women’s under garments. You will feel the need to become as feminine as you possibly can. I advise you to listen to this for at least 15 minutes a day to get the maximum awareness in your life.

Feminine Mantra For Sissys

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Are You A Masturbation Addict?

A new femdom therapy sex quiz to help you answer one of the most popular sex questions that I hear on a daily basis. A lot of you call me on Niteflirt asking me if I think you have a masturbation problem. Masturbation addiction comes in many forms and I’m here to help you find your level of addiction. Are you wanting to masturbate from just thinking of taking this masturbation quiz?

Are You A Masturbation Addict? Quiz + Photos
Who doesn’t love a good orgasm, but for you is masturbation something you do casually a few times a week, an obsession…or something in between the two extremes. With my quiz its time we determine if you are a masturbation addict and have the hormonal drive to qualify for that righteous title Once you have your answer you will most likely need to have a therapy session to really confirm if you do have a masturbation addiction and how deep it is it and is it even something that can be stopped! Take the quiz now and lets let the therapy begin.


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New Years Resolutions Of Devotion Hypnosis MP3

Happy New Year, It’s been a fantastic first year on Niteflirt. My Femdom humiliation therapy coming to the masses has been so critical to helping so many of you. Through my special brand of premium humiliation therapy i’ve changed the lives of hundreds in 2013 and I plan to make 2014 even more stronger.

I’ve made a short 6 minute New Year Resolution Of Devotion Hypnotic MP3 to start your year off the proper way.
You will usher in the the new year with more devotion to your Dr. Lovejoy, You will follow my instruction to guide you with the therapy you need. You will devote yourself to working hard for your Dr. Lovejoy in the coming year. You will strive to be a better person with my help.

Hypnosis Resolutions

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