Holiday Masturbation Addiction Therapy

The holidays can bring out extra unwanted amounts of stress and tension in your life. All the pressure to buy the perfect gift, having enough money to buy everything, too much family around, not being able to be the real you. It’s just too much and I’m going to help you alleviate that stress with a special holiday masturbation therapy session. You already know how good it feels to masturbate your stress away but you will now intensify your masturbation sessions. You will stroke even more for me, you will stroke more for your Dr. Lovejoy. You will find yourself triggered to want to masturbate when you see or hear certain holiday oriented words, songs, visuals. You always want to please your Dr. Lovejoy and you know that doing as I tell you makes me happy. When I’m happy you’re happy. You will use this holiday masturbation therapy session to get you through this holiday season. Be prepared for an intense amount of masturbation and I must warn you this MP3 therapy session may cause a deeper more serious masturbation addiction as a result of frequent orgasms.

14 minute MP3 download

Holiday Masturbation

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Humiliation Therapy For The Holidays

The holidays are bringing a lot of cheer but also a lot of stress and sexual frustration. Now is the perfect time for a session with your favorite humiliating Femdom therapist. Let’s face it, you haven’t had sex in weeks and all the family around you has you all wound up. The stress of having to provide gifts and be social can make your balls shrink up deep inside of you. Are you the kinda of loser who blew all your money on phone sex, porn and hookers this year? Have you spent the past year wearing panties to work? Did you spend your holiday money on sissy items that you throw out after you’ve shamed yourself with them?
I will be here to clear your mind and fill it with my expert thoughts and control. Come get in the humiliation you need for the holidays.

Holiday Humiliation

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Humiliation Hypnosis Therapy MP3 You’re Worthless

A brand new MP3 to begin December off. Often December is a time for depression and self loathing. This is why I made this new therapy session designed for those who feel worthless and crave to hear the words of truth drilling deep into your soul. The hypnotic humiliation you crave to hear, the humiliation you crave to be confirmed to you by your all knowing Dr. Lovejoy. My raw erotic voice delivers to you all the humiliation you crave with this Humiliation therapy session.You are not worthy of your Goddess whether you are serving me or someone else you are not worthy. You are an absolute nothing and you know it you’re worthless inside and out. You’re hardly worthy of being used, you are purely just trash. Being used and berated is the greatest pleasure you will ever receive. You know your place and ache to be taken there. Sit back, relax, close your eyes and and get ready to swallow what little pride you have as the therapy session begins.

13:21 Minutes

You're Worthless MP3

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