Halloween Humiliation

Halloween is a fantastic time to explore your fetish feelings it might be a time for you to dress as a Woman or a sissy and get laughed at publicly. It’s a time to test the waters and it be ok to be the person you want to be. I often think of Halloween as sissyween. I took a lot of clients in this week that wanted my sexpert advice on what to be and how to get through the day.
Halloween is a great time of relief of a sissy who needs outing so go ahead and wear that costume and go to a busy area and feel the freedom that comes along with it. You will get laughed at for being in a dress with facial hair, you will feel the deep sensation of the points, the looks but it doesn’t matter because its Halloween. Only you and I know the truth about who you really want to be. If you don’t know your inner being, you need my humiliation therapy to bring it forward. Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Does Money Matter To Women?

Does money matter to a Woman? This is a question I’m often asked, usually I’m asked with a quiver in the voice in fear of what I’m going to say or rather, confirm. From what I’ve observed in life and the Woman i’m closest with I’m going to have to tell you that from my sexpert opinion yes, money matters.
A Woman like myself who’s self sufficient financially and every other way doesn’t need a man for money but I do feel like a real man takes care of a Woman and the money she makes is for saving and doing as she wants with it. A Woman should never have to pay for a dinner date, a Woman should never have to use her own money to buy something sexy that you’re going to get turned on by. Woman want a man who will take care of these luxuries. Woman are pleased by money, cash makes many Woman very wet. You do want to please a Woman don’t you? All roads lead to Financial Domination. There’s a lot more to this topic we can cover so, lets schedule a session and find out how I can help you please a woman.

Woman Love Money

Pussy Lover Programming Hypnosis MP3

You may already love pussy and want to love it even more or you may be questioning your sexuality because you don’t love pussy enough and need to be trained and reprogrammed to enjoy, love, and crave pussy. In this intense 15 minute hypo therapy session I am going to program your mind to know that Goddess pussy is all you should have on your mind. That pussy is your highest sexual desire the taste of pussy, the smell the shape. Everything about pussy will be your biggest joy in life. You will be a pussy connoisseur loving every aspect of the warm sweet pussy. Pussy will become a higher priority then sex. Pussy will be the taste that you crave on your tongue and on your lips every waking moment. Pussy will bring you the ultimate in pleasure you are simply a pussy lover. You love pussy you live to experience pussy, pussy is your life.

Dr. Lovejoy always knows what best for you.

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