Femdom Fitness Therapy

Summer is winding down and I continue to have sessions that deal with a lot of low self esteem due to poor body image. I hear a lot about how overweight my clients are and that their belly is so round that they can’t even see their penis. I often hear that no Woman will touch them because the are too skinny and pale or just flabby and mushy. Most come to me and know that I am their only help they need my Femdom motivation to get their fat ass in shape.

My custom made Femdom Fitness routines are available to you through special request. We will work out your goals and map out a strict workout regimen. Its no wonder you’re spending thousands of dollars a year on adult phone lines no Woman wants a fat flabby out of shape lazy Male. Do you catch girls laughing at you at the beach or the pool when you take your shirt off because you have man boobs? Just imagine how many times one of those mean girls took a picture of you and put it on the web with a caption. Do you want to be a fatty for the rest of your life? Are you getting hard at this fat humiliation I’m talking about?. If the answer is yes then this is the therapy you need. Its time to move forward with your new life.

Femdom Fitness MP3

Horny Good Boy Therapy MP3

So many of you tell me during our sessions that all you want to be is a good boy. You just want to please a Woman in ways that you can’t. I’m going to condition your mind with a new Femdom therapy session designed to help you become more of a good obedient boy.
In this session you are conditioned to be a good boy. A good horny boy, You want to be a good boy, you want to be my good boy. It feels good to be a good boy. You want to be my good boy don’t you? You want to be a good boy and please any Woman or Goddess that you are with. Its not about you or what you like or want. You know you’re a good boy when you please and make the superior Woman you’re with happy. The more you listen the more your desire to be a good horny boy will intensify. It feels so good to please, it feels so foot to want to please no matter how extreme it is. You’re a good boy for your Dr. Lovejoy.

I always have the right think to say

Dr. Lovejoy


good boy therapy

Deepening The Therapy MP3

Welcome to August, As we begin the month I’ve made a special MP3 that is essential to your therapy collection or the first thing you get if you haven’t begun your MP3 therapy yet. Have you set aside time to call me for a session? Have you been listening to your therapy sessions? You might be someone who I haven’t had a session thats been curious about my special therapy. Its a new month and a new time for some Humiliation Therapy.

This is an essential accompaniment to listen to before starting any of my files. This is the first edition of a primer to deeper your mind before any of our sessions live or for every audio file that I have. This is a very important file to own to help you achieve the maximum mind penetration in our deep therapy sessions. You will allow yourself to relax and get into a deep relaxed mind state. You will find yourself spiraling down deep into a very relaxed and comfortable state. Your mind will be primed and ready for slipping deep into an obedient trance like state.

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Deepen Your Mind